GlassView Appoints University of Pennsylvania Professor of Neuroscience, Psychology and Marketing to its Advisory Board

Notable neuroscience authority, Michael L. Platt, will further GlassView’s mission of developing deeper connections between brands and audiences through the real-time understanding of consumers’ fundamental motivations

GlassView, the world’s largest independent video advertising distribution platform, announced that Michael L. Platt, director of Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and co-founder of neuroscience wearables company, Cogwear, will join its Advisory Board. Platt, who has led extensive research about the biological mechanisms that underlie decision-making and their applications to business, will lend his expertise to GlassView’s ongoing work to build brand-consumer connections at the deepest levels.

Platt received his B.A at Yale and his Ph.D. at Penn, both in anthropology, and did a post-doctoral fellowship in neuroscience at NYU. His work has been supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, among others. Platt is the former Director of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke, and the founding Co-Director of the Duke Center for Neuroeconomic Studies. He currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of several companies, as well as the Yang-Tan Autism Centers at MIT and Harvard, and has served on the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Brain Science.

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“While marketing and consumer motivation have historically been relegated to the softer sciences like sociology and psychology, Professor Platt’s renowned work in neuroscience and neuromarketing provides us with ways to understand why people do what they do from a biological and even molecular level,” says James Brooks, CEO and Founder of GlassView. “We are ecstatic to have Professor Platt join our board to help us build out unique offerings for our client base. The fact that he’s already working with Fortune 100 brands and the department of Defense adds a level of credibility that’s truly priceless.”

Platt’s aspirations to take brain research outside the lab and make it possible anywhere, evidenced by the development of Cogwear, aligns with GlassView’s goals of being able to scale a privacy-first means of understanding the neurological connections forged through marketing. Cogwear’s comfortable wearable technology delivers clinical-grade cognitive feedback, powered by nanotechnology sensors, machine learning, and breakthrough science.

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“The marketing industry needs increased effectiveness and efficiency, and biometrics and neuroscience provide a largely untapped opportunity to achieve those goals,” says Platt. “GlassView is a proven best-in-class marketing delivery platform. I have been looking for an opportunity like this to bring my research and expertise to large scale audiences for the benefit of health, welfare and business.”

GlassView is committed to progressing performance in video advertising through innovative technologies. The company recently launched GlassView Smart Gamma™, based on strategies used in finance and algorithmic trading, that uses predictive modeling to control for the point of diminishing returns and optimizes toward the highest lifetime value customers.

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