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Here’s What You Need To Do To Jump-Start Your Growth Marketing Efforts

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The Global Growth Marketing Conference 2018 Scheduled for 11 and 12 December 2018, at Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California

Growth is everything for any business. However, the definition of growth is very different today than what it was at the start of the decade. Now, SaaS companies have a better understanding of their burn rate in the industry. They also know how fast they are losing their advantage over their competitors. If a traditional SaaS company loses 2-3% of its existing customers every month, the business must grow by 27-43% annually to maintain its current revenue. How do you maintain that growth rate?

The answer lies in adopting ‘Growth Marketing’.

How do you adopt Growth Marketing?

Follow the Growth Marketing Experts

Marketing teams have moved away from the philosophical approaches of delivering customer experiences only to get cash flow. Today, Growth Marketing exponents have removed the walls of regular marketing, innovating creative ideas to acquire and retain customers… A much of their grind involves a deeper understanding of their products, the values, and moving the needle faster than the competitor.

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Growth Marketing experts like Rand Fishkin, Scott Brinker, Mika Yamamoto, Julie Zhou and Guillaume Cabane (many more, as we lift the curtains, on the panel!) know the art of SaaS marketing, and marketing it well! The fun part is, they research, innovate, inspire, and contribute their insights at a far greater scale than traditional marketers do.

There has been a paradigm shift in the way modern businesses measure their marketing and sales effectiveness – largely thanks to the emergence of new-age analytics, insights, and account-based targeting models. They rely on learning, sharing and re-learning the art and science of marketing. No fluff, no fillers – pure, knowledge and engagement.

Attend Workshops

According to IDC, by 2019, companies would have spent $2.1 trillion on digital transformation. Yet, only 47% of these companies actually have a roadmap for their digital transformation. Which means that a majority of these businesses are staring at a certain revenue loss + customer loss?

Adopting growth marketing practices could help businesses get a clear picture of where their growth is heading and what innovations and technology could do to customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Attending workshops that explain the role of content marketing, story-telling, marketing and sales automation, and conversational marketing could make the difference to the entire digital transformation journeys.

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Experience the AHA! Moments

At events, attendees are your customers. When speakers from the industry present valuable insights during their talks, attendees get to enjoy the learning process. Thus, successful marketing no longer relies on only top-of-the-funnel engagements.

Today, performance marketers are ready to sprint that extra mile to engage, acquire, and retain loyal customers. Customer experience and innovative, interactive content are at the core of performance marketing.

Hard to locate an institution where you can learn the art and science of Growth Marketing?

Not anymore… The Global Growth Marketing Conference 2018 agenda just went live!

It’s the only event dedicated to teaching what it actually takes to move your growth needle so you can start hitting the big numbers you know you deserve. Everything you need to be a Growth Marketer will be at this event. Top marketing professionals converge at the biggest, savviest event in the world – Global Growth Marketing Conference every year. This year’s edition is scheduled for 11 and 12 December 2018, at Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California.

Growth Marketing Conference is the leading growth marketing event in the industry. You’ll learn the latest and greatest ROI-driving growth strategies and tactics from the growth marketing legends who pioneered, practiced, and perfected them, while power-networking with Fortune 500 decision-makers, high-growth startup founders, and the most accomplished growth marketing thought leaders alive today.

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