Alliant Integrates With Yahoo ConnectID, Bringing Data and Insights to Cookieless Identity Solution

Data-driven audience company continues its support of privacy-first identity solutions

Alliant, the leading data-driven audience company, announced that it has partnered with Yahoo to support Yahoo ConnectID, the company’s cookieless identity solution. Through this direct integration, advertisers using Yahoo ConnectID can now ingest and activate Alliant’s more than 2,000 syndicated audiences for cookieless, privacy-compliant targeting.

Alliant’s portfolio of brand-specific audience solutions has helped brands turn their first-party data into actionable audiences for effective, high-performing ad campaigns across digital and offline channels.

“Alliant’s core tenant has been privacy-by-design for more than two decades, so we’re always evaluating solutions that help extend the utility of our audiences while adhering to the highest privacy policy standards,” said JoAnne Monfradi Dunn, President and CEO, Alliant. “Yahoo has recognized the need to preserve addressability and reach consumers in environments where there is no cookie. Alliant is confident that its audience segments will provide scale and quality and meet privacy standards in partnership with Yahoo.”

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Yahoo ConnectID is built on differentiated, deterministic and omnichannel data sets, with scaled, opted-in, direct consumer relationships across mobile, desktop, search and more. Yahoo ConnectID also directly integrates with leading data management platforms (DMPs) and customer data platforms (CDPs) to ingest and activate against third-party data. That interoperability enables Yahoo ConnectID to match partner ID-data for seamless audience activation and measurement within the Yahoo demand-side platform (DSP) and supports monetization benefits for users of the Yahoo supply-side platform (SSP). Fueled by both direct consumer relationships and partnerships, Yahoo ConnectID today reaches 167 million authenticated users in the U.S.

Alliant supports the industry’s top IDs, helping advertisers enter the next era of compliant personalized marketing.

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