Blendwing Takes Digital Strategy and Marketing Automation to the Next Level

In the new year, Blendwing is paving the way in unique digital marketing solutions for growing businesses. Their approach, which places an extra focus on customization, builds connected digital solutions designed for accelerated business growth. Blendwing’s expertise includes high-impact marketing automation, graphic design, and digital strategy.

“It starts with an in-depth understanding of an organization’s brand identity and target markets. From there, we design a tailored marketing campaign that can auto-adapt to exceed objectives.” – Jeff Latimer, CEO – Blendwing

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In their work, Blendwing places a large emphasis on utilizing the increasing compatibility between applications. In doing so, marketing initiatives are able to fully harness a company’s technical resources – leading to more fluid and effective campaigns. In addition to automation, Blendwing also offers many other marketing solutions including SEO, Content Creation, Graphic Design, CRM Administration, and much more. Get in touch to discover more!

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