Omnisend Research: Half of Ecommerce Marketers Don’t Segment Contacts, Despite Higher Revenue With Targeted Messages

Though Targeting Campaigns for Relevancy Is a Known Best Practice in the Marketing World, Ecommerce Brands May Need an Extra Push. According to a Recent Customer Survey Performed by Omnisend, Ecommerce Brands Are Not Still Regularly Using Segments to Target Their Campaigns

Omnisend, omnichannel marketing automation platform for ecommerce, has released new data concerning the segment adoption rate for marketers.

Despite proven results earned with targeting campaigns, ecommerce marketers are still reluctant to begin segmenting their contacts. According to Omnisend, only 49.2% of ecommerce marketers use two or more segments to target their campaigns.

Recent Omnisend research concludes that segmented campaigns earn on average 34.7% higher open rates, and 26.5% more orders than non-segmented campaigns. However, even armed with the data proving the case for targeting messages, marketers are still opting to send bulk campaigns.

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Omnisend CEO and Co-Founder, Rytis Lauris, had this to say: “Ecommerce brands are comfortable with bulk newsletters, however they’re missing a huge opportunity in not segmenting their campaigns. A shopper is going to better respond to a message that’s relevant, and that can’t happen without targeting. Ecommerce brands who hesitate in segmenting their campaigns could miss out on nearly a quarter of potential revenue.

In an effort to encourage segmentation adoption among ecommerce marketers, Omnisend has launched a unique feature called segmentation on the fly. This allows for contact filtering directly from the subscriber list with immediate results for which contacts belong in that segment. Additionally, new tagging options give even more precise targeting opportunities.

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Rytis added: “We’ve been improving segments as they are more powerful than ever, and this helps our ecommerce marketers organize their contacts in a more efficient way. With better segmentation, marketers will be able to create more specific campaigns, targeted workflows, and relevant messages.

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