Pega Digital Experience API Unveiled for Creating Consumer-Grade Interfaces

Powerful Open Architecture Combines Both Form and Function to Provide Engaging Customer Experiences

 Pegasystems Inc. has launched the Pega Digital Experience API. Pega Digital Experience API is a set of design and application development capabilities that allow organizations to provide elegant and powerful digital experiences on any web or mobile channel. Part of the Pega Infinity™ digital transformation suite, the Pega Digital Experience API allows front-end developers to create consumer-grade user interfaces that seamlessly embed Pega’s industry-leading process automation and customer experience functionality — ensuring exceptional form and function in every digital customer interaction.

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Developers face technological silos that make it challenging to deliver consistently superior experiences across digital channels.

Unique Combination Brings Businesses the Best of Both Worlds to Deliver the Most Satisfying Experiences Possible

At the time of this announcement, Don Schuerman, CTO and Vice President, Product Marketing, Pegasystems, said, “Facing massive technological complexity and limited viable solutions, many businesses are forced to make a choice between form and function in their digital presence.”

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Don added, “With Pega Infinity™ and Pega Digital Experience API, organizations don’t have to settle for tradeoffs. Pega enables developers to use their framework of choice to design elegant front ends that excite their customers’ senses while driving powerful digital process automation on the back end that smashes through organizational silos. This unique combination brings businesses the best of both worlds to deliver the most satisfying experiences possible.”

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Too often, technology limitations force developers to hardcore business logic into each individual channel — creating disjointed customer experiences and ongoing maintenance headaches. The Pega Digital Experience API enables organizations to create stunning front-end interfaces at every digital point of engagement while directly connecting them to the end-to-end processes that drive work across the enterprise. Pega gives developers the flexibility to leverage popular UI frameworks such as React and Angular together with Pega’s powerful UX design system to create connected customer experiences with their preferred tools.

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The Pega Digital Experience API Delivers a Rich Set of UX Metadata

The Pega Digital Experience API provides powerful design capabilities that enable developers to–

Unify with Leading Design Technologies

Developers that prefer to use other UI frameworks such as React and Angular can leverage open APIs to dynamically use Pega design capabilities as a REST-enabled service to power their front-end UI framework of choice. The Pega Digital Experience API delivers a rich set of UX metadata so they can dynamically assemble an experience that seamlessly embeds business logic such as required fields, data types, validation rules, and more.

UI elements changed using Pega’s no-code UX design system will be immediately reflected in the developer’s custom JavaScript framework without additional coding. It also includes starter packs and sample code to quickly integrate Angular and React into their workflows.

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Enhance and Extend Existing Interfaces with Micro Front Ends

Pega makes it easy to embed responsive UI components directly into existing web pages or mobile apps leveraging Pega Mashup technology. Developers can add new functionality that seamlessly interacts with legacy interfaces, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing customer needs without recoding the entire UI.

Design Effective and Elegant Interfaces Jump-Started with Pre-Built Templates

Pega’s UX design system enables users to create responsive web and app designs that both grab the customer’s eye and allow for fast, accurate service. Reusable digital components plug seamlessly into existing digital ecosystems, while the drag-and-drop interface enables complete UI customization with no coding required. It provides 12 out-of-the-box templates for commonly used experiences with the ability to create additional templates to match any design.

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Build Seamless Mobile Apps

Pega’s open, responsive, and adaptive UI technology makes multi-channel deployment fast to build and easy to change. Users can build mobile applications completely in Pega, embed Pega into existing apps leveraging mashup, or seamlessly connect native mobile apps to Pega APIs by using the Pega Connect SDK. Pega handles all mobile OS updates automatically on the backend to ensure apps are compatible with the latest features and capabilities.

The Pega Digital Experience API is part of Pega Infinity™, the next-generation digital transformation software suite that connects customer engagement applications to digital process automation (DPA).

Today, Pega Infinity™ powers customer experiences for more than 1.5 billion consumers for some of the largest and most successful brands in the world. By adding the Pega Digital Experience API to Pega Infinity™, Pega now delivers both the form and function for digital engagement on a single unified platform. 

Currently, Pega’s adaptive, cloud-architected software – built on its unified Pega Platform™ – empowers people to rapidly deploy, and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs.

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