MarketStar Outlines Strategies for AdTech, Digital Media Companies

Industry Leader’s New E-Book Offers Advice for Businesses to Stay Competitive in the Crowded Market

MarketStar, the industry leader in outsourced sales and marketing, announced that it is publishing a guide to help AdTech and digital media businesses sell their solutions in the current booming market. The e-book is titled How Businesses Can Stay Competitive in the Crowded AdTech Space, and is available for free download on the company’s website.

Digital advertising opportunities abound in today’s marketplace. Each time someone refreshes a webpage, an organization is presented with an opportunity to engage that user with relevant digital content. Businesses looking to reach a target audience must consider which site or sites are ideal, where on a website they should purchase their ad, and how they will determine if a user fits into their designated audience. Advertising technology, or AdTech, answers these questions with analytics and digital solutions, but the market is full of solutions and providers.

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MarketStar’s new e-book details how AdTech and digital media companies can better sell their solutions amid fierce competition and a crowded industry.

The guide explores four key strategies:

  • Differentiating yourself
  • Not discounting long-tail sales
  • Aligning sales and support
  • Developing an onboarding program with a human touch

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MarketStar Outlines Strategies for AdTech, Digital Media Companies
Phil Mickey

Phil Mickey, MarketStar’s Director of Marketing, added, “As an AdTech or digital media company, you may be good at what you do, but that doesn’t mean you are great at selling your product or service. The industry is constantly changing technology and processes, and it is increasingly dominated by Facebook and Google. Despite the fierce competition, companies can and do succeed in the AdTech space. Our new guide outlines strategies for successful sales in this crowded market.”

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MarketStar is the industry leader in outsourced retail, partner, and direct sales motions for the world’s leading and emerging companies. MarketStar engages consumers, channel partners, and business-to-business buyers to increase sales by deploying field and inside sales teams enabled with best-in-class technology and insights. MarketStar is a part of the DAS Group of Companies.

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