MomentFeed Unveils Enhanced Local Photos to Help Brands Stand Out in the Hyper-Competitive World of Location-Based Marketing

MomentFeed, the leading provider of Proximity Search Optimization™, today unveiled Enhanced Local Photos™, to help multi-location businesses scale and maximize the SEO value of their location-specific images on Google, Apple Maps, Yelp, and other discovery networks.

SEO-friendly images play a considerable role in a brand’s organic search ranking and shopper engagement. In fact, research shows that businesses with at least one Google My Business photo receive 42% more requests for directions. And the more photos the better. Brands that have more than 100 images on Google My Business experience 520% more calls, 2,717% more direction requests, and 1,065% more website clicks than the average business.

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MomentFeed elegantly streamlines the entire local photo experience, turning a cumbersome process into a simple way to rise above the competition when consumers search for businesses like theirs

Forward thinking retailers, restaurants, and other businesses managing hundreds or thousands of locations are taking note and elevating photo optimization as part of their overall “near me” search strategy.

“Though it may appear straightforward, the DIY approach to local photos isn’t really feasible for brands with extensive content libraries to keep updated and optimized across thousands of store locations,” said MomentFeed CEO Nick Hedges. “MomentFeed elegantly streamlines the entire local photo experience, turning a cumbersome process into a simple way to rise above the competition when consumers search for businesses like theirs.”


For each brand store location, the Enhanced Local Photos offering delivers professionally shot local photos, optimized for best practices and SEO, and provides:

  • A dedicated photo account manager
  • Photo brief development
  • Arrangement of local photographers
  • Professional photo recommendations for each location
  • Automatic loading and publishing to a brand’s listings for each of its locations

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Local listing photos on discovery networks like Google, Apple Maps, and Yelp communicate information to both consumers searching for a product or service and search engines that are tasked with providing the most relevant results to that consumer. Photos play a key role in which search query result a consumer selects. An optimized photo also provides digital information that can help search engines understand the relevancy of that image, which can result in a lift in ranking and visibility.


Photo and image optimization is the sum of a number of elements, and an effective strategy combines these important practices:

  • ADHERING TO GOOGLE’S RECOMMENDED PHOTO SPECIFICATIONS. Though discovery networks have varying photo specifications, Google represents the biggest search and lead opportunity. Accordingly, Google photo requirements should drive overall direction.
  • USING A VARIETY OF HIGH-QUALITY IMAGES ON A BRAND’S LISTING, INCLUDING FOR THE COVER PHOTO. Exterior photos or storefront photos help customers recognize a business as they approach from different directions. Interior photos help customers get a sense for the environment and ambiance of a business. Photos of employees at work help customers easily understand the type of work a business does.
  • REGULARLY ADDING NEW PHOTOS TO SHOW LOCAL RELEVANCE OR SPECIALTIES. The focus should be on professional photos that convey an authentic local look, or updates when a location experiences major changes like a remodel.
  • ALWAYS OPTIMIZING PHOTOS FOR LOCAL SEO. Brands should use high-quality images that Google’s recognition engine can easily pick up and use keywords when naming image files. Keyword-rich image tags, meta descriptions, and geotags should be added to local photos.

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