Neustar and BERA Partner to Help Marketers Measure and Optimize Their Brand Building Investments Across Marketing Channels

By integrating with BERA, Neustar Optimizer™ ties marketing investments and tactics to critical brand health metrics to prove the long-term impact of branding on the business

Neustar, Inc., a TransUnion company, announced a partnership with BERA™, the leading predictive brand technology system that links drivers of brand equity to business performance.

Brands and their agencies can now integrate critical brand health metrics (e.g., brand familiarity, regard, meaningfulness, and uniqueness) across Neustar’s industry-leading Marketing Mix Modeling (“MMM”) and Multi-Touch Attribution (“MTA”) solutions. This enables marketing and analytics professionals to better measure the customer journey over time and quickly adjust tactics to improve the short- and long-term drivers of customer acquisition and lifetime value, brand building and customer advocacy.

This first-of-its kind solution is powered by Neustar Optimizer, the recently announced closed-loop marketing optimization and consumer insights platform that enables brands and agencies to make critical, real-time optimizations to marketing mix, media budgets, as well as campaign, creative, and audience tactics.

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“Brand purpose as a way of doing business is transformational, but requires consistent, real-time, hard data to show that impact on financial results.”

Neustar Optimizer is the only solution in market to effectively integrate the strategic cross-channel analytics of hyper-granular MMM with the real-time, customer-level analytics of MTA in a single, easy-to-use platform. By integrating with BERA, Neustar Optimizer now seamlessly ties marketing investments to key brand health metrics to ensure clients can better evaluate the real-world impact of branding and its long-term impact on the business.

“Neustar’s integration with BERA ensures marketers can understand the impact that their marketing investments have on their brand and it significantly advances the practice of brand advertising,” said Jim Stengel, CEO of The Stengel Company and board member at BERA. “Brand purpose as a way of doing business is transformational, but requires consistent, real-time, hard data to show that impact on financial results.”

“With this partnership with Neustar, we can now help some of the biggest brands in the world tweak their marketing investments to drive the greatest outcomes for their business and ultimately create brands that consumers love,” said Henry Tam Jr., SVP Global Sales and Partnerships at BERA. “BERA is proven to predict a brand’s financial performance. Combine this with Neustar’s industry-leading consumer identity and marketing measurement capabilities, and you’ve got something special that creates a ton of value for brands and their agencies.”

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Neustar Optimizer leverages the most comprehensive identity and machine learning capabilities available, which power identity-based data and Unified Analytics solutions for 70% of Fortune 100 brands. This is inclusive of CRM hygiene, data enrichment, onboarding, audience segmentation, and media syndication services. Brands using the solution report seeing: 30% increase in incremental sales, 130% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), 10X return on investment (ROI), improved top-of-funnel brand building, budget savings from improved media partnerships, and big gains in internal team productivity.

“Understanding marketing’s impact on key brand metrics is critical for the brands that we partner with,” said Joe Koudsi, VP of Analytics Products at Neustar. “Incorporating full-funnel data – such as brand awareness and brand equity measures – dramatically improves the quality of our recommendations and enables brands to get a complete picture of their marketing performance, including the short- and long-term implications of their spend. Our partnership with BERA makes these insights very accessible and allows us to include best-in-class data in our analytics suite.”

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