AcuityAds Shares Its Progress On Identity Resolution

AcuityAds Holdings Inc, the leading technology company that enables advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences across digital advertising campaigns from a single platform, today announced it has integrated several identity solutions as part of its commitment to a scalable, robust solution for digital advertisers and greater consumer control regarding the future of identity resolution.

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AcuityAds is integrating Unified ID 2.0 (UID 2.0), an open-source, interoperable identity solution in collaboration with The Trade Desk , as well as IdentityLink in collaboration with LiveRamp .

“It is important to note that only a small percentage of our business relies on third-party cookies. Notwithstanding, we believe leveraging these industry-leading identity solutions is important as the entire sector, including demand side platforms, supply side platforms and publishers, has come together to deliver a modern replacement to the now antiquated, third-party cookie that secures the business model of the “free internet,” which has effectively been underwritten by advertisers,” commented Tal Hayek, CEO and Co-Founder of AcuityAds. “Our strategy is simple: in those instances where we relied on third-party cookies, we will now utilize universal IDs. The adoption of these frameworks will ensure we continue to deliver the highest possible value to our brand partners while, at the same time, respecting and protecting consumer privacy.”

Dr. Nathan Mekuz, AcuityAds’ VP of Artificial Intelligence said, “As we were developing the illumin platform, we foresaw the move away from traditional consumer tracking methods towards a more collaborative approach within our industry. Our artificial intelligence algorithm is built using numerous attributes such as device IDs, geography, contextual and time of day to make decisions, enabling us to work with any industry ID solution that is most relevant to the objective we aim to deliver to our clients.”

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