Ad2Life Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

Ad2Life Is Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo to Help Fund the Release of Their Innovative Advertisement System That Pays the Viewer for Each Video Watched

Watching dozens of inevitable digital advertisements on a daily basis without gaining anything in return is now an issue of the past, thanks to the unique opportunity offered by the Ad2Life mobile app. The game-changing app pays consumers to view the same targeted digital advertising campaigns as they would view in their usual routines. All funds earned by the viewer will be deposited onto their Ad2Life international debit card. Withdrawing from ATMs, transferring funds, and making both online and in-store purchases are all easily accessible within a few touches of the consumers’ smartphone screen. The Ad2Life business model ensures a win-win situation for advertisement viewers and advertisers alike.

Advertisers can design stunning digital campaigns from within the Ad2Life mobile app while adhering to their designated budget. The digital advertisements are then streamed to users via the Ad2Life app platform, offering up to $1 for every advert viewed. Instead of wasting time watching YouTube ads, skipping them or feeling frustrated that the consumer is not benefitting from the millions of adverts circulating throughout today’s tech-savvy digital age, increase income and reach financial goals, one advertisement view at a time.

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Ad2Life advertisements are specifically targeted according to age, location and gender so every advertisement the consumers’ view is promoting products and services they already love. Advertisers and businesses benefit from active users viewing their advertisements, and the viewer finally gets compensated for their time and effort spent, and each unique advertisement the consumer watches will offer up to 50% off that leading brand’s products and services.

To achieve the project’s goal of $300,000, Binkin and the Ad2Life team have decided to look to Indiegogo for initial funding. Binkin will be offering rewards and a limited amount of stock shares on the Indiegogo website for 45 days at a deeply discounted rate to secure early funding for the overall development and maintenance of Ad2Life’s inaugural advertising platform.

The campaign launches on Indiegogo on Wednesday, June 06, at 9 am PST.

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