AdRoll Unveils New Growth Marketing Platform for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Ambitious e-commerce marketers can access a suite of free and subscription-based marketing tools all in one place

AdRoll, a division of NextRoll Inc., announced a new suite of marketing tools for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. The company continues to grow beyond its ad tech heritage, expanding its growth marketing platform with enhanced marketing capabilities across email, AI-driven product recommendations, and cross-channel measurement. The platform is now available for all customers through new software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription pricing, including the company’s first free offering. New additions to the AdRoll growth marketing platform include:

  • Enhanced email capabilities that allow marketers to reach the right customers at the right time. New tools include opt-in email capture, triggered and on-demand email sends, drag-and-drop email builders, and insight into visitor activity including exit intent, scroll time, and time spent on the page.
  • AI driven-product recommendations that work across a brand’s ads, email, and online store experience. These recommendations work behind the scenes to ensure content is dynamic, personalized across all channels – and power key initiatives, like shopping-cart recovery, to help complete the customer journey.
  • Cross-channel measurement that enables marketers to know which channels work and which ones don’t by tracking cross-channel performance all in one place. By providing deep insights into how campaigns are performing across channels, marketers get a single view into their entire marketing mix and can allocate budget to what drives the best results.

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AdRoll’s new SaaS pricing gives D2C marketers access to the tools they need to stay competitive and grow their brand. The subscription-based offerings grow and scale with brands, giving them access to free tools and enhanced capabilities across different stages of growth. The new, monthly and 12-month packages include:

  • Starter: Provides the foundational tools you need to build a brand including audience targeting, unified customer experiences across channels like email, website, and the ability to track conversions, all for free.
  • Essentials: Offers the tools to dive deeper into identifying, segmenting, and personalizing marketing efforts, starting at $9 per month.
  • Growth: Adds new measurement and attribution models, as well as advanced and scalable personalization insights, starting at $19 per month, with enhanced measurement capabilities available for $499 per month.

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“When it comes to the tools needed to grow and compete in today’s evolving world, D2C marketers are overwhelmed with options and often have to cobble together multiple solutions to get the power of a single platform. Our customers have to be more agile and creative with their time and marketing dollars, and we’ve built our platform to support them in doing just that,” said Toby Gabriner, CEO of NextRoll, Inc. “We’ve created an all-in-one platform for essential marketing and advertising activities, serving as mission control for the entire customer journey. With our new tiered options and suite of tools, we’ve opened the door for even more brands to see the power of our platform first hand.”

With AdRoll’s platform, D2C brands get access to powerful marketing technology typically reserved for large teams, big budgets and internal expertise. AdRoll’s data and machine learning (ML) capabilities are available for all brands of all sizes and can scale with their business. Instead of relying on rule-based systems as some other growth marketing platforms do, AdRoll’s ML makes smart recommendations to marketers and can automate repetitive actions resulting in faster decisions and better outcomes for customers.

“As marketers, we are directly responsible for proving the ROI of our programs, so the more data we have into how campaigns are performing, the better,” said Jasper Mordeno, SEM Lead at AlgaeCal Inc. “AdRoll’s growth marketing platform lets us see how customers are moving through various channels and experiencing our brand, from the first interaction to the last. We’ve been able to really dig in and experiment with new strategies across display ads and onsite product recommendations with more confidence since we can see the actual impact different approaches have on the bottom line.”

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