AdTech Roundup: Top Things in Advertising Technology

Today’s AdTech Roundup covers the latest in Native and Programmatic Advertising, Technology, TV Advertising, Audience Data announcements from TRONADZ, Nano Interactive, OpenX, DoubleVerify to Adverty.

TRONADZ Announces the World’s First Decentralized Advertising Platform

The advertising industry is a multi-billion global business that connects consumers and content creators. The industry creates and manages the link between consumers, products, companies, and translates content into effective campaigns. In a bid to give more to advertisers and content creators, the team behind TRONADZ is happy to announce to members of the public that it has launched its advert platform to enable content developers to place their ads with ease and be rewarded.

Nano Interactive Launches Powerful Privacy-First Consumer Intent Score Solution to Help Brands Target, Live, in the Post-Cookie World

Nano Interactive, the leading advertising technology platform specializing in live intent targeting, announces the launch of its Consumer Intent Score (CIS). CIS offers brands a privacy-first advertising solution that enables more powerful and effective live ad targeting.

OpenX Continues Efforts to Create Cookie Alternatives with Support for Unified ID 2.0

OpenX announced support for Unified ID 2.0, a new identity initiative being supported by The Trade Desk and other industry leaders. The support for Unified ID 2.0 is the latest in a series of efforts by OpenX to both build and partner with solutions that allow marketers and publishers to execute effective audience targeting on the open web in a cookie-less ecosystem.

DoubleVerify Gains MRC Accreditation for Integrated Third-Party Measurement on Facebook

DoubleVerify(“DV”), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, announced that the Media Rating Council (MRC) has extended DV’s accreditations to include DV’s impression and viewability measurement (as defined by MRC’s viewability standard) and reporting for display and video ads on Facebook and Instagram. This marks the first time a third-party solution has been accredited by the MRC for integrated viewable impression measurement on a large digital platform such as Facebook.

Adverty Releases In-Game Ad SDK on Unity Asset Store

Adverty AB (publ) announces the release of its Unity SDK on Unity Asset Store, providing developers with easy access to its patented ad technology for unobtrusive in-game advertising. The leading in-game platform for advertisers, agencies, and content creators has announced the release of its Unity SDK on the Unity Asset Store, a marketplace where game developers and publishers can find, source, and sell everything they need to be successful, including third party assets, tools, and services.

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