Billups and Dstillery Partner to Link Out-Of-Home Media Exposure With Online Activity for the First Time

Brands like On are Connecting OOH Campaigns with Website Visits, Measuring the Impact of Exposure

As cross-channel marketing grows in importance, marketers must identify the same audience across multiple devices. But what if marketers want to identify an audience that isn’t on a device, one that is traveling throughout the day, passing multiple forms of advertisements, from billboards to airports and taxi tops?

Billups, an advertising technology company servicing the out-of-home (OOH) and digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketplace, and Dstillery, the leading custom audience solutions partner for agencies and brands, announced a partnership that, in an industry first, enables brands to identify audiences that are exposed to their OOH media campaigns and then later visited their brands’ websites.

Clients are already taking advantage of this partnership to help them determine campaign effectiveness, accessing data on specific placements that demonstrated the highest exposure to audiences visiting their website and the highest overall impact to their business.

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On, a leading performance shoe and apparel brand, measured website activity from an OOH media campaign launched this past summer. “Being able to creatively bypass the challenge of attributing OOH media activation to tangible onsite visitors and sales is critical to unlocking OOH as a profitable acquisition channel,” said Amanda Regele, On’s Head of US Ecom.

Billups’s proprietary attribution model analyzes 2.8 billion location observations daily, creating customer journeys for 300 million unique IDs. These customer journeys indicate home origin, place of work and frequent travel routes, indicating who was exposed to which out-of-home placements and where they visited after.

Using its proprietary device graph, Dstillery produces a cross-walked audience, providing the crucial link for connecting the physical world and the online world. By placing an anonymous pixel on the brand’s website, Dstillery uses a variety of qualifying characteristics to safely, accurately, and anonymously match cookies to mobile devices, which are then matched to see if they were exposed to OOH media by Billups.

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“Dstillery plays a critical role in helping our clients use out-of-home as performance-based media,” said Nicholas Wootten, SVP Marketing & Innovation at Billups. “Dstillery’s data made them the ideal partner as we looked to move beyond simply measuring exposure, and instead measure the impact of that exposure. This allows our brand clients to understand and further optimize their spend on OOH media.”

“As more media channels spring up, it gets harder and harder to measure the effect of each medium,” said Michael Guzewicz, Director, Business Development at Dstillery. “Billups has developed an innovative attribution model that now allows advertisers to gauge the power of DOOH and OOH. We’re excited to work with a company on the front lines of DOOH and OOH attribution and to continue pushing the capabilities of this channel forward.”

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