Bloomberg Unveils ad.apt, a New Display Ad Format

With ad.apt Bloomberg has Simplified Advertising as it Requires very Basic Assets from Advertisers

Bloomberg Media Group recently launched ad.apt, a new display ad format that introduces innovative ad solutions in display advertising. ad.apt leverages Bloomberg’s unique data, content and design footprint, enabling the company to convert a simple set of brand elements into a host of high-impact, natively designed formats.

ad.apt allows advertisers to submit a headline, subhead, logo, brand images, video and a call to action. The brand assets are then built in-house and can be turned into a video, data, or a Bloomberg-related article. It also tailors the ad based on the viewer’s browsing history.

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The dynamic elements of ad.apt include:

  1. ad.apt data: Integrates Bloomberg’s relevant data intelligence with a brand’s story, providing real-time information to Bloomberg users as they engage with market-moving news
  2. ad.apt story: Engages Bloomberg audiences with content that inspires and informs, by aligning with select Bloomberg topics or showcasing custom brand narratives
  3. ad.apt play: Highlights brand videos that are shared cinematically at scale, across screens
  4. ad.apt brand: Designed to deliver maximum brand impact with minimum brand resources
Bloomberg Unveils ad.apt, a New Display Ad Format
Courtesy: Bloomberg

ad.apt is fully scalable across all of Bloomberg Media Group’s global properties. “In an ever-changing digital environment, the advertising industry is shifting to deliver a single cross-screen ad solution, and with ad.apt, Bloomberg Media Group has built a cross-platform ad unit that is premium yet turn-key,” said the company in its press release.

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How ad.apt works

  • It puts Bloomberg’s design resources to work for you, delivering tailored solutions for the widest range of unique brand goals and capabilities.
  • The solutions extend brand assets across multi-dimensional functionalities effortlessly. A natively designed, component-based system assembles brand elements dynamically, flowing into any screen, on any device. Aspect-ratio-based sizes adjust responsively to each environment.
  • It delivers superior user experiences across a full spectrum of brand objectives, all of which can be used together to optimize impact — without an additional lift.
Bloomberg Unveils ad.apt, a New Display Ad Format
A Cisco campaign using the ad.apt Play format. Cisco is the first ad.apt advertiser. Courtesy: Bloomberg

ad.apt joins Bloomberg Media Group’s ad product portfolio, which has grown from eight products in 2015 to 21 this year.

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