Brave and Townsquare Partner to Re-engage Ad-Blocking Users

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Partnering Will Also Include Monetizing Ad-blocking Traffic and Testing Blockchain-based Digital Advertising

Brave, combines an innovative privacy browser with a Blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Whereas, Townsquare Media Inc., owns and operates a plethora of digital brands which are focused on media and entertainment. The companies announced the partnership to empower Townsquare to re-engage ad-blocking users. The companies have also vouched to test Blockchain-based digital advertising solutions with the BAT platform (Basic Attention Token).

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The Partnership

As per the partnership, the visitors to Townsquare websites who use Ad-blockers will be given an offer to switch to the Brave browser. The Brave Browser shall equip interested users with ad-free experiences as well as new revenue streams to publishers. Moreover, the users downloading Brave through this offer will be gifted BAT in the coming weeks. Recently, Brave allocated $1million worth of BAT in promotional kind to over 50,000 YouTube creators and website publishers from similar contributions. This campaign shall be live for nearly a month on four of Townsquare’s leading websites.

The following websites below are now verified publishers on the BAT platform.

XXL Magazine (
Taste of Country (
Ultimate Classic Rock (
PopCrush (

This grants any Brave desktop user to conveniently contribute to these properties with BAT through the Integrated Brave Payments system in the browser. This could be applied either through user grants or with BAT that they purchase from their integrated wallets.

The Approach

“The partnership with Townsquare is an exciting milestone for Brave, as we connect users with publishers while testing advertising solutions that only blockchain-based technology can deliver. Brave and Townsquare share an innovative approach to digital advertising and we look forward to this collaboration,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave.

In the next few months, Townsquare and Brave will work together to test all the elements of the Blockchain-based digital advertising and BAT platform. The tests will also include ad pilots. Ad pilots are when users agree to view ads while maintaining their privacy, in exchange for a share of revenue along with the publishers. This move will also help Brave fulfill their promise of agreeing to let users earn while they browse. Premium use of the BAT platform shall also be tested by Brave and Townsquare. Here, the tokens are similar to loyalty points, since the concepts allow the use of tokens to be counted for playing games or receiving gift cards.

According to PageFair, over 600 million devices are currently using ad-blocking software, thus posing a threat to publishers. With their approach to ad-blocking, both the companies help reconnect ad-blocking users to publishers- thus rewarding them both.

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