Research Now SSI Launches Industry’s First Cross-Media Advertising Dashboard

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Includes Agile Campaign Measurement, Optimization, and On-the-fly Adjustments

Research Now revealed its first advertising measurement dashboard for gathering configurable insights about campaign effectiveness across all channels. These include digital, mobile, emerging and traditional channels. Marketing managers receive all campaign effectiveness insights especially when the campaign is live—thus helping in decisions to realize the maximum impact and calculate ROI.

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How does it work?

The latest feature of Research Now SSI’s ADimension Ad effectiveness Platform Solution is the Cross Media Dashboard. It includes exposure in channels such as linear TV, addressable TV, OTT content distribution, Out-Of-Home (OHH) ads such as stadium screens, print and radio. When a campaign is live, the tool will allow for immediate optimization insights. Advertisers will also be able to evaluate the performance of all, some or several channels so as to determine the changes that should be made in expenditure and overall channel selection.

ADimension links impression data to individuals and not simply just to algorithms or models. ADimension chose Research Now SSO’s global since it was the largest panel available.

The ADimension measured KPI’s – such as awareness, familiarity, purchase and purchase.

The ADimension solution encompasses:

  • cross-channel data collection – collection of digital ad exposure plus offline exposure identified via opportunity-to-see (OTS) survey
  • in-market insights – variety of data filter options

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Advertisers need reliable, quick data and insights on ad effectiveness to best allocate investment across new and traditional channels. In today’s channel-rich, fast-paced environment, they also need to be nimble and approach advertising strategy iteratively.  Our newly enhanced Cross-Media Dashboard combined with first-party research data is an unparalleled way for advertisers to realize significant improvements in campaign results and ROI,” says Bob Fawson, EVP, Product Development, Research Now SSI.

The company provides world-class results for more than 4000 clients in the fields of research, media, and culture; and is also recognized by quality and customer satisfaction within the marketing technology industry.

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