Digital Media In-Housing Set for Growth as Match2One Launches Enhanced AI Programmatic SaaS Platform for Ecommerce Brands

Digital marketing teams within ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brands will be offered enhanced capability to in-house programmatic digital media campaigns, with the launch of a market-defining SaaS platform by Match2One.

Match2One’s subscription platform is aimed at the growing number of mid-market ecommerce and DTC brands, aiming to drive growth through programmatic media investment. It enables in-house teams to avoid costly agency relationships and take direct control of high-performance optimisation technology.

With the attraction of full transparency and data ownership, in-housing is becoming a defining trend in the programmatic media investment space. It is particularly relevant for digital native DTC and ecommerce brands that have nurtured digital marketing expertise in-house from launch.

Match2One provides flexible, tiered service levels ranging from self-service, through hybrid self-serve with consultancy support, to a fully managed model enabling brand teams to maintain control while achieving resource cost savings.

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Blending CX and multi-layered AI

Reflecting the importance of service usability to in-house teams, Match2One has focussed on achieving high CX design standards and levels of AI integration, enabling in-house teams to take control of campaigns after a 90-day self-sufficiency advisory programme.

The platform blends layers of true machine learning capability, optimising outreach using historic performance pattern data from a range of vertical categories; brand-specific optimisation models and bespoke campaign level AI using first-party data.

Match2One also offers brands a creative management suite, offering in-house and external creative agency teams access to design and production, A/B testing and implementation.

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ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) optimisation at scale

Although a relatively simple performance measure for ecommerce, the application and analysis of ROAS performance at scale requires significant data management and AI learning capability.

Match2One enables in-house brand teams to utilise ROAS performance data, blending transaction spend data with contextual information to create a rich picture of customer behaviour and a far more accurate measure of investment success.

The application of ROAS within ecommerce SaaS has significant implications for the way ecommerce teams understand and build relationships with customers.

By giving brands direct control of media investment and data management, Match2One also enables businesses to channel customer data to manage other operational areas such as logistics, fulfilment, ordering and manufacturing.

Mikael Kreuger, CEO and Co-founder commented: “Many ecommerce and DTC marketing teams reach a threshold where to drive further growth, sophisticated programmatic investment is required. Match2One 2.0 is redefining digital marketing relationships by offering brands the ability to control and learn from digital marketing strategies, at a level previously only available through agencies and a range of costly vendor relationships.

“The launch of an AI-enhanced ROAS capability marks a significant step forward in what new digital brands can achieve with their marketing and operational management.”

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