DISQO Releases Industry-First Unified Ad Measurement Benchmarks Combining Brand and Outcomes Lift

DISQO’s single-source CX intelligence platform enables brands to benchmark full-funnel campaign effectiveness

Customer experience (CX) intelligence platform DISQO released its “Brand and Outcomes Lift Industry Benchmarks” report, the first industry-wide normative data on the full-funnel effectiveness of ad campaigns. Advertisers can use these new benchmarks to assess relative campaign effectiveness across fourteen unique metrics and four advertising categories.

DISQO’s new normative benchmarks improve upon legacy measurements in such key areas as:

  • Metric depth: DISQO’s Brand and Outcomes Lift benchmarks go beyond brand lift metrics to explore full-funnel outcomes like site visitation, search, and e-commerce
  • Temporal recency: Only campaigns from first quarter 2021 and beyond are included, maximizing the relevance of comparisons to contemporary competitive ads
  • Cross-platform breadth: Coverage across platforms, devices, and channels – including new formats such as CTV

“DISQO’s Brand and Outcomes Lift products are fueled by our 100% proprietary audience, who opt in to share both what they think and what they do online. This enables our clients to assess attitudinal shifts and digital behavioral impacts post ad exposure across a wide range of platforms, so they can confidently assign attribution to their campaigns,” said Yannis Pavlidis, VP, Data Science and Analytics, DISQO. “As use of our ad measurement capabilities continues to scale, our normative benchmarks will be an indispensable tool for brands and agencies looking to continually improve their ad effectiveness.”

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Other normative datasets in the industry benchmark top-of-funnel brand metrics, such as awareness and favorability. In contrast, DISQO’s fully-consented ad measurement lets marketers understand the full customer experience with advertising. It measures both top-of-funnel brand metrics and bottom-of-funnel behavioral outcomes post-ad exposure. These outcomes include site visitation, search activity, and add-to-cart e-commerce actions. DISQO’s ad measurement captures lift after ad exposure across mobile, retail, and social platforms. Because of these capabilities, the new normative benchmark report provides the first and only clear view of advertising effectiveness – from brand to outcomes – across a wide range of platforms.

With DISQO’s benchmarks, advertisers gain the ability to connect lift for traditional brand metrics with lift in behavioral outcome, improve their understanding of what drives their customers’ loyalty and purchase behaviors, and benchmark their campaigns against other advertisers in their category and beyond.

DISQO’s inaugural normative benchmarks cover:

  • The consumables, goods, services, and vehicles categories, as well as overall benchmarks for brand and outcomes lift, regardless of category;
  • Eight brand lift benchmarks including unaided awareness, aided awareness, familiarity, ad awareness, tagline association, favorability, consideration, and purchase intent; and
  • Six outcomes lift benchmarks including category search, category site visitation, category e-commerce, branded search, branded site visitation and branded e-commerce.

In this first report, goods advertising (high-consideration products like furniture and electronics) drove the greatest brand lift. Consumables advertising (CPG and other low-consideration products) were most effective creating brand lift and raising persuasion metrics. Auto advertising led the way driving consumers to visit category sites, at almost 2 points higher than other categories.

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