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VIOOH Heralds a New Era of Cooperation Across the OOH Advertising Industry

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VIOOH, The New Global Platform Shaking Up OOH Advertising Sector By Enabling Industry-Wide Cooperation

VIOOH is now officially Live. VIOOH is a global, open and independent platform, combining automation, programmatic and traditional buying models, launched in the UK, US, and Belgium. This new platform heralds a new era of cooperation across the out of home industry, connecting media owners and buyers.

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At the time of this announcement, Jean-Christophe Conti, CEO of VIOOH, said, “DOOH is experiencing double-digit growth, second only to mobile digital advertising, which we believe presents an unmissable opportunity for media owners. Against this backdrop, we are delighted to introduce VIOOH to the market following considerable investment and development.”

“The platform makes OOH inventory more accessible and attractive to advertisers and media agencies, at a time where a larger percentage of budgets are being spent online. To that extent, VIOOH is enabling data-driven media buying and programmatic trading in real time,” Conti continued.

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Designed by Out of Home (OOH) experts for the OOH industry and backed by advertising powerhouse JCDecaux, VIOOH offers all media owners and buyers a frictionless experience for automated OOH and programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) transactions. The data-driven, open platform increases efficiency, speed to market and allows for greater campaign creativity whilst enabling dynamic and measurable outcomes.

This unique platform is driving change in the Out-of-Home industry and launches with a full suite of products, which includes: VIOOH Automation, VIOOH Exchange, and VIOOH Content, with many more ambitious features to come, including patent-pending industry innovations.

Exclusive to VIOOH, the platform features inventory from JCDecaux global entities including the UK, the US, and Belgium, with Germany, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Denmark, Finland and Hong Kong launching at a later date. As a truly global and open platform, VIOOH is planning to expand rapidly beyond these markets and to welcome other media owners.

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VIOOH Brings OOH to Real, Targeted Audiences or a Broader Demographic

VIOOH offers media buyers a transparent platform that ensures advertising messages are 100% viewable, brand safe and seen by real, targeted audiences or a broader demographic.

The machine learning algorithm incorporates a number of data sources that enable better-targeted campaigns and more effective outcomes.

Following increased scrutiny around data privacy, in light of the GDPR rules which came into effect last month, VIOOH is naturally compliant since it leverages aggregated, anonymized audience data.

Proving its global ambition, VIOOH is partnered with several leading, global demand-side platforms (DSPs) including Adform, Scoota, and MediaMath. In order to ensure all key advertisers and sellers can transact programmatically, in real time, VIOOH is in discussion with other relevant, leading industry DSPs including AppNexus and Vistar, to accommodate diversified, media buying strategies.

The platform has already been used by a number of test partners including Addison Lee and 7Stars who created a programmatic award-winning campaign.

“By providing a better ability to respond with optimized, targeted and measurable campaigns, VIOOH is a compelling proposition for existing agencies, specialists, and advertisers as well as new media buyers that are eager to invest in OOH,” said Ben Maher, Commercial Officer, VIOOH

VIOOH is a unique offering that has been developed over the past 18 months with investment from JCDecaux. This support has enabled VIOOH to rapidly scale and open conversations with key players across the industry, but the company will operate as a strictly independent entity.

Combining both OOH and mobile digital advertising is a powerful combination which is proven to successfully increase consumer engagement and influence their behavior. A 2017 Nielsen report as presented by OAAA found that DOOH and mobile prompted more online activations than both radio and print, while research from Campaign found that mobile click-through increased by 15% when combined with DOOH.

The Role of Addison Lee and 7Stars in VIOOH 

Recent winner of the ‘Most effective programmatic media partnership’ Addison Lee delivered their winning campaign through the platform and their agency the7stars. Their key objectives were to increase overall bookings, build consideration and usage of the Addison Lee booking app and an overall push to position themselves as a premium car service.

The campaign used data-driven logic (Route, CACI and mobile network data) to determine locations and messages, based on audience and impact times. Creative was managed in near real time, at a placement-by-placement level and integrated weather and social feeds via API. Hour by hour reporting enabled the marketing team to optimize their campaign based on performance metrics.

Dom Blacklock, Head of programmatic, the7stars, said, “Working with JCDecaux, the platform gave us the ability to run more relevant and impactful creative at exact frame location and times, using custom decisioning across time/location/live Heathrow flight times/live weather. We saw a great impact in bookings through this ability to tailor our outdoor message at opportune moments.”

Addison Lee experienced a strong improvement in perception and brand health as well as increased usage through their booking app.

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