Fincons Group Enables Launch of Mediaset’s Smart TV Advertising Platform

Fincons Group Supports Mediaset’s Publitalia ’80 for the Launch of Pioneering Addressable Smart TV Advertising

Fincons Group, a leading global IT business consulting firm, has been a key enabler behind the launch of Publitalia 80’s new advertising products ADD+Plus. Publitalia ’80 is now able to offer addressable advertising capabilities as well as a broad and engaging digital platform to advertisers by leveraging Smart TV capabilities and broadband-broadcast convergence across all Mediaset’s portfolio. Mediaset is Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster and wholly owns Publitalia ’80, its advertising sales business.

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Making Broadcast-Broadband Convergence a Reality with Smart TV Advertising!

Michele Moretti
Michele Moretti

At the time of this announcement, Michele Moretti, CEO Fincons Group, commented, “Our long-standing relationship with Mediaset has been extremely fruitful, enabling us to develop our solution from R&D right through to commercialization.”

Michele added, “We are delighted to have enabled Mediaset with this pioneering advantage that enables them to offer addressable advertising and extensive content capabilities to their customers. We are proud to be making broadcast-broadband convergence a reality together.”

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Fincons Group was awarded funding by the EU along with a broader consortium to take part in a co-development initiative, known as MPAT (Multi-platform application toolkit), to research and scope-out the potential of the HbbTV standard. Having developed those capabilities, Fincons Group was selected by Mediaset to implement the Enabler platform which is at the heart of ADD+Plus. Mediaset’s new Smart TV advertising products consist of two key features: ADD+Inside and ADD+Over.

finconsgroup_masterpublitaliaWhat is ADD+Over?

ADD+Over is an ad-hoc format overlayed on a TV containing a call to action by simply clicking the “OK” button on a television remote control. ADD+Inside is an “L-shaped” frame, a high-impact format displayed inside editorial TV content, thus ensuring the greatest visibility. The frame becomes interactive by simply clicking the “OK” button on a remote control.

The interaction with ADD+OVER and ADD+OVER leads to an informative mini-site containing additional materials (video, text, images) about products and services.

Both formats are “addressable” ad solutions enabling the delivery of a customized message that enhances the advertiser’s communication and the value of the viewer thanks to data and targeting variables.

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How Volkswagen Leverage ADD+over to Scoop Opportunities in Smart TV Advertising?

The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, was the first company to take advantage of the addressability linked to these new formats. They use the ADD+ products to advertise 2 new models of car – Golf and Golf TGI. The company wanted to geolocalise the communication in two different areas and differentiate the creativity of the ADD+INSIDE formats to deliver two different messages on the linear TV Mediaset channels.

Paola Colombo
Paola Colombo

Paola Colombo, General Manager Adtech & Business Development at Publitalia ’80 said, “The collaboration with Fincons allowed Publitalia to offer advertisers a revolutionary and successful proposition which has been delivering real tangible results. We are currently working with Fincons to further develop the ADD+ family of products and we will soon be able to put on the market new video formats, bringing new exciting opportunities.”

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Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO Fincons Group and CEO Fincons US and Paola Colombo, General Manager Adtech & Business Development at Publitalia ’80 would describe this pioneering project in detail at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas on Monday 9 April at 4 PM local time.

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