Limpid Receives TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, Continues Commitment To Fight Ad Fraud

Limpid, the data-driven advertising technology platform, announced today it has been “Verified by TAG” and approved for listing in the TAG Registry of known and trusted players in the digital ad ecosystem

TAG is an advertising initiative created to fight criminal activity across the digital advertising supply chain and provides a variety of certifications and resources to support this goal.

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The TAG Registry is enabling companies to feel confident that they are doing business only with responsible partners and avoiding association with criminal activity throughout the entire supply chain. The TAG Registry creates a closed system including supply chain participants that demonstrate their commitment to higher standards of transparency and disclosure to their partners.

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In line with Limpid’s commitment to enhanced transparency and combat fraud, Limpid has recently entered into a partnership with Fraudlogix in order to implement further anti-fraud measures to ensure high-quality traffic and prevent ad fraud schemes.

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