MediaVillage Introduces AvrioB2B Self-Publishing and Search Platform for Advertising-Supported Companies

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MediaVillage has introduced AvrioB2B, a business-to-business self-publishing and search solution for the advertising-supported media community.

AvrioB2B is a tech-enabled managed services (SaaS) platform for self-publishing and content discovery of thought leadership, business offerings and strategic insights. Expanding on the library of more than 20,000 original educational contributions, AvrioB2B empowers companies in the advertising business to share knowledge and assure it’s discoverable through, an AI powered content recommendation engine. provides a smart search interface for the B2B buyer that enables them to filter content that matches their specific requirements.

Jack Myers, founder of MediaVillage, envisioned the AvrioB2B solution more than a decade ago and has been implementing its components through the trade publishing platform with funding and support from more than 100 media companies, agencies, industry experts and trade associations including the Association of National AdvertisersAmerican Association of Advertising Agencies and global advertising agency holding companies.

Myers commented: “Avrio is the Greek word for tomorrow. The B2B marketing industry is confronting multiple transformative shifts compounded by the rise of intermediaries and the inability to measure return-on-investment of B2B marketing. In the advertising-supported business, this is a problem for media sellers who are finding it hard to get their proposition heard as well as a missed opportunity for advertising buyers and brand marketers to develop a deeper and longer lasting relationship with the media channels. A solution has been needed to allow all participants in the B2B transaction to take back control and regain the value that has been lost. It’s time for the marketing community to focus B2B investments on tomorrow’s solutions, which is the mission and purpose of MediaVillage.”

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Transformation of B2B Marketing Has Become a Financial Imperative

B2B purchasers in most major industrial sectors have been gradually distanced from the sellers of products and services by a range of intermediaries who streamline procurement on behalf of the budget holder. Compounding this shift is workforce upheaval and diversity goals that are increasing job training and professional development requirements and costs. B2B buyers are making purchasing decisions using inadequate knowledge, understanding and data. The role of B2B marketing needs to be transformed to empower B2B sellers to successfully communicate their value proposition to a new cohort of target buyers.

Myers points out, “Financial officers are keenly attuned to the economic implications and opportunities of changing B2B realities. Our research surfaced the growing difficulties and increased costs for both those who need to share professional knowledge and those who are seeking it. Empowering knowledge-seekers to access the right information at the right time reduces time and advances training and education in an efficient way.”

AvrioB2B empowers sellers to reach their buyers with content and research that’s more relevant and closely linked to buyer behavior and intention. Launched in 2020, is the only AI-infused media and advertising industry-specific search engine, enabling B2B marketers, educators, media and advertising professionals, and job seekers to navigate optimized content using intelligent tagging and natural language processing.

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AvrioB2B delivers simple and efficient self-publishing plus search access to the MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange. MediaVillage publishes an average 150 new earned and paid media editorial and educational contributions each month, which Myers projects will triple in 2023 with the introduction of AvrioB2B. Content is organized in more than 100 subject-matter and company-specific microsites, each branded with a unique URL. For corporate contributors, MediaVillage offers a suite of turn-key B2B services including a custom content studio for creation of earned and paid media, digital advertising and social media support, strategic market intelligence, event activation and diverse talent development. A commerce application is planned for to enable MediaVillage content partners to limit access to and monetize password-protected content.

Myers adds, “There’s an opportunity to extend the AvrioB2B SaaS platform into adjacent, connected markets such as retail media and experiential marketing. There’s a much wider opportunity to license the AvrioB2B technology to trade publishing sites in other B2B markets that are being disintermediated by increased dependence on data, social media, procurement, and transactional commoditization.” Target business categories include finance, health and wellness, travel, education, human resources, and entertainment.

Current market conditions, while challenging, are also opportune. Myers explains: “The pandemic, looming recession, and the emergence of the metaverse are forcing B2B marketers to rethink how they communicate. One of the positive outcomes of these challenging times is that many businesses, despite budget cuts, are valuing B2B marketing more and want their brand to emerge competitively stronger. MediaVillage and AvrioB2B have been created to support their goals with greater effectiveness and efficiencies.”

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