Strategus Re-Imagines Re-Targeting

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Encore Omnichannel Ad-Tech Brings CTVs Closer to Clickable

With more people at home than ever, millions are watching more ads over connected television. The missing link: viewers aren’t able to click on CTV ads to gain that next level of customer engagement. Inspired by this epic opportunity, Strategus Labs announced the closest solution yet with its new Encore Omnichannel re-targeting technology.

“It’s been well documented that the vast majority of viewers have smart phones in hand while watching internet-connected TV,” said Joel Cox, co-founder and EVP, Strategus. “With our new Encore Omnichannel technology, Strategus brings to market a way to bridge the gap between devices and get our clients’ CTV campaigns as close to clickable as possible.”

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How it Works

With its programmatic OTT/CTV campaigns, Strategus is well experienced in serving and tracking relevant messages to individuals, households and devices. Once the viewer watches an individually targeted CTV ad to completion, the Encore campaign enhancer instantly re-targets the already-engaged viewer with relevant, clickable calls-to-action on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

“If we’re following a target, and already know they’re in-market for a new pickup truck for example, we can serve them the ad on TV, then a message on their smart phone that they can click to learn more about model options, accessories and pricing,” said Cox.

One Strategus client, a national lawn care company, recently ran a four-week, nationwide CTV campaign originally designed to build upper sales funnel awareness. By adding the ability to know who watched the OTT/CTV ad to completion and then serve them follow-up ads on their other digital devices, Strategus was able to generate over 20,000 visits to the client’s site, and $2.1 million in sales.

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Relevant Engagement

The Strategus Encore Omnichannel technology essentially brings call-to-action clickability to CTV advertising, and is the antithesis of the indiscriminate spray-and-pray banner ad mentality of the past.

“Encore is the opposite, because we’re only re-targeting ads to already engaged prospects who have seen our CTV ad to completion, which ensures that those ads won’t be viewed as irrelevant,” said Cox. “Developing this methodology that engages likely customers on their second screen with calls to action and relevant messaging is another big step in the right direction, and a new way to enhance brand relevance, build and maintain specific frequency goals, and generate sales success with programmatic OTT/CTV.”

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