Thousands of Publishers Beta Test Integration between Mediavine and Unified ID 2.0

Mediavine’s Has Active Integration with Unified ID 2.0

Mediavine, the largest exclusive ad management firm in the USA, has formally integrated with Unified ID 2.0, an open source, interoperable alternative to third-party cookies being developed by The Trade Desk and other companies across the industry. The Trade Desk is the largest independent demand-side platform. The specific integration brings, Mediavine’s audience engagement framework, to Unified ID 2.0 as a first-party data solution in wake of Google’s announcement to phase out third-party cookies. The collaboration is actively being beta tested by thousands of Mediavine publishers and will be available to the general web in 2021.

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Built and powered by Mediavine, enables independent publishers to encourage audience authentication through tools like social sharing, email opt-ins and other content curation features. collects the data consented by individuals and securely transmits it to Unified ID 2.0. With the addition of Unified ID 2.0, publishers are able to connect authenticated user data with advertiser demand, while protecting publisher data and consumer privacy. Mediavine has already sent millions of authenticated bid requests with Unified ID 2.0 present.

“As the programmatic landscape evolves with the elimination of third-party cookies and device IDs, presents a valuable, transparent solution for both advertisers and readers,” said Mediavine CEO Eric Hochberger. “The integration between Unified ID 2.0 and provides the privacy-first infrastructure the new-age advertising ecosystem has been waiting for.”

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Unified ID 2.0 will provide an open-source framework for hashing and encrypting email addresses in order to create a common transaction fabric for digital advertising. Consumers will retain full transparency and control, with the ability to opt-out at any time. transacts with Unified ID 2.0 by offering publishers a single sign-on (SSO) solution and providing a clear value exchange to readers to encourage consent to personalized advertisements for a free and open Internet.

“In collaboration with Mediavine’s, Unified ID 2.0 significantly upgrades consumer privacy, transparency and control, while simultaneously keeping the digital advertising community healthy and running smoothly,” said The Trade Desk’s EVP, Global Data and Strategy, Michelle Hulst. “Having Mediavine integrate Unified ID 2.0 with its framework gives publishers the opportunity to benefit from better targeted advertising and own the relationship with their audiences, while providing a better internet experience. It’s exciting to see the collective action across the advertising industry to build a better, open internet for consumers, advertisers and publishers.”

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