UENI Announces Extended Support for Small Businesses with Free E-Commerce Services

UENI Ltd, the London-based creator of free websites for small businesses announced that it is extending its support to entrepreneurs and small business owners. From today, January 7th, it will provide a multi-product shopping cart, flexible shipping and collection options, and multiple payment methods to its free Starter customers to ensure that every small business can sell their products online successfully. The company also has unlocked functionality that enables small businesses to automatically synchronize their products catalogues with Google, Facebook and Instagram. This leverages big tech innovations in 2020, such as open access to Google Shopping and Facebook Shops, and puts this powerful access in the hands of the sole trader and small business owner.

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Website builders typically require the small business owner to build the website or e-shop themselves. Unlike these website builders, UENI offers a unique alternative by actually building the website for the small businesses, for free. Through a combination of technology and human quality control, UENI’s unique process helps small businesses complete the journey of getting online at scale. Many small business owners report getting stuck in the process of building a website and thus failing to get online — whether due to a lack of time, money or confidence in how to do it — which helps to explain why as many as 10 million small businesses in the United States, one-third of all small businesses, still do not have a website.

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Christine Telyan, Founder of UENI, stated, “It’s clear that the pandemic is going to be with us for some time to come. Small businesses will be particularly hard hit by the lockdowns and restrictions that are required. What will our communities look like as we come out of it? Physical shops will not disappear, but how we shop will have changed forever. If we are not careful, massive consolidation will preserve only the largest retailers and ecommerce platforms. We at UENI believe small businesses are the heart of our communities, and we want to enable as many entrepreneurs as possible to make the transition to digital, and thus secure their future. We believe giving all small business owners this additional access will put in their hands the tools they need to transition their business to the new normal.”

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