Zoomd Launches New Self-Serve SaaS Model to Provide Full Transparency and Higher Efficiency With Premium Media Channels

Zoomd Technologies Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Zoomd Ltd., the marketing tech (MarTech) user-acquisition and engagement platform, is pleased to announce the launch of its self-serve SaaS version of its platform, with Tangelo Games, La-Mark, and MuvMobile (a WPP company) being the first three companies on-boarded onto it. The platform, which Zoomd views as a resource- and time-saver for its users in the ad buying and optimization process, units all of a user’s advertising campaigns under a single central dashboard and equips advertisers with Zoomd’s full user acquisition capabilities across numerous premium digital channels – including the popular platform TikTok. The platform is driven by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and prediction and automation technologies.

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The Company is of the view that the year 2020 has accelerated the digital transformation of the marketing world. A Gartner survey of CMOs in Western Europe and the U.S. found that they spent 80 percent of marketing budgets on digital channels and this is likely to rise over the coming years. Zoomd’s experience is that many advertisers find themselves spending too much time manually managing campaigns across several channels and losing a portion of their budget to ad fraud and inefficient work. Zoomd’s experience suggests that a sizable portion of these issues stem from a lack of transparency and synchronization. Zoomd is taking a leading stance in the movement for more transparency and efficiency with its new SaaS subscription-based model.

Zoomd’s new self-served, license-based, SaaS platform allows advertisers, both large and small, to easily and conveniently access, operate, and monitor all user acquisition campaigns themselves, all on a single dashboard. The core objectives of the new platform allows advertisers to spend their budgets more efficiently and effectively. The platform offers a number of premium media channels to advertise on, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitter, Apple Search, and Google – with each channel already incorporating built-in mechanisms to prevent ad fraud. Campaigns across all the channels can be managed succinctly on the unified dashboard, eliminating the need for advertisers to manage the campaign processes separately for each media channel, potentially saving both time and financial resources. Moreover, the platform provides transparency to advertisers on the entire ad buying and placement process for all the media channels and optimizes it by offering suggestions and automated rules on how to reallocate budgets based on campaign performances.

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“We are thrilled to add a new license-based model in a software-based world, which was our vision when we decided to take the company public,” says Amit Bohensky, Zoomd Chairman and Co-Founder. “With larger digital budgets looming amid the pandemic’s continuing, we want to stress the importance of delivering efficiency, something that advertisers of all sizes value when they are running digital campaigns. This is the way of the future, and we are proud to be a part of the movement for transparency and efficiency.”

“Zoomd’s new SaaS platform puts Tangelo Games on the right track to accomplish the goals we had for user acquisition by providing us total transparency and convenience across the premium global media channels,” says Dany Kashti, operating principal at Third Eye Capital and CEO of Tangelo Games Corp. “It’s refreshing to see a platform that saves you time and provides the kind of transparency that the industry sorely needs, and we are excited to be one of the pioneers to utilize the new SaaS model.”

The Zoomd platform, in its current form, is now available to all sizes of advertisers and advertising agencies that wish to have full transparency and save time in their user acquisition strategies and campaigns. Zoomd expects that more companies will be on-boarded in the coming weeks.

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