Brainshark and CSO Insights to Reveal Data on Sales Enablement Investments and Trends in Co-Hosted Webinar

61% of Organizations Now Have Dedicated Sales Enablement People, Programs or Functions; Effective Training and Coaching Play Key Role in Driving Sales Success

Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, will unveil data from a new report on sales enablement trends during an upcoming webinar with CSO Insights, an independent sales research firm within Miller Heiman Group. The report, sponsored by Brainshark and conducted by CSO Insights, contains insights from sales professionals at more than 500 organizations – reflecting their sales enablement priorities, challenges and successes.

Webinar details include:

Title: “Sales Enablement Investments and Trends for 2019”

When: Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 11 a.m. ET


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Additional report details: The Brainshark-sponsored CSO Insights study, “Sales Enablement Grows Up: The 2018 Sales Enablement Report,” describes how sales enablement, as a discipline, has evolved and matured – with 61% of organizations now having dedicated sales enablement people, programs or functions. Additional focus areas in the report include sales enablement investments and outcomes, the challenges many companies still face, and how areas such as onboarding, coaching and technology are driving sales success.

Salient data includes:

  • Challenges hitting numbers – Almost 1 in 2 sales reps (46%) fails to make quota.
  • Enablement pays off – Having an effective enablement function leads to double-digit improvements for both quota attainment and win rates for forecast deals, compared to those organizations without enablement.
  • The power of sales coaching – Organizations that implement dynamic sales coaching – where the coaching process is connected to the enablement framework – report win rates nearly 17% higher than average.
  • Benefits of effective training – When selling skills training meets or exceeds expectations, organizations report quota attainment rates 9% above average.

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“Enablement looks different in every organization, but what all best-in-class sales enablement functions have in common is that their approach is highly organized, formalized, strategic and collaborative in nature – and always aligned to the organization’s main strategic initiatives,” Schenk said. “In this webinar, we’ll discuss what effective enablement looks like – along with the critical role that training, coaching and technology play.”

Brainshark’s Cournoyer said: “Sales enablement is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a strategic imperative. This means conversations have shifted from, ‘How do we enable our reps?’ to ‘How can we make them perpetually ready to capitalize on every buyer interaction?’ The answer blends people, process and technology – necessitating buy-in from senior leadership and a framework that supports continuous learning. CSO Insights is at the forefront of identifying and analyzing key sales enablement trends, and we look forward to discussing the new data with them, along with best practices for driving sales mastery.”

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