Brainshark Unveils Enhancements to Its Sales Enablement and Readiness Platform

Sales Enablement Leader Provides New Capabilities for More Flexible Feedback and Assessments from Coaches, and a Streamlined User Experience

Brainshark, a leading provider of SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, today unveiled features and enhancements to help organizations improve sales coaching effectiveness. New capabilities and a redesigned interface in Brainshark’s sales coaching solution provide an even more intuitive user experience and give managers and peers more flexibility in delivering feedback and assessments.

Brendan Cournoyer, VP of Marketing, Brainshark
Brendan Cournoyer, VP of Marketing, Brainshark

At the time of this announcement, Brendan Cournoyer, Vice President of Marketing, Brainshark, said, “Sales coaching is really about confidence – the confidence sellers feel when they get in front of a buyer, and the confidence managers have that those reps are fully prepared.”

Brendan added, “Brainshark provides that critical foundation for success. Our sales coaching technology, recent updates and commitment to innovation enable companies to consistently prepare their teams with the information they need to win more deals.”

Brainshark for Coaching, Brainshark’s sales coaching technology, provides a simple way for organizations to improve rep readiness through video-based practice, reinforcement and assessments. The award-winning solution – honored with a gold Stevie® Award in the 2017 International Business Awards, among other accolades – empowers sales leaders to validate that reps have mastered critical knowledge and skills, and are prepared to make the most of every buyer interaction.

Highlights of Brainshark for Coaching

Brainshark for Coaching enhancements include–

A new look

The redesigned Brainshark for Coaching dashboard features streamlined access to relevant data and information, along with new graphical components – instantly showing managers, for example, how many coaching activities they need to review, along with the overall progress and scores of their team.

Reps, in turn, can quickly see how many coaching activities they need to complete, what they’ve finished to date and their average scores across all activities. Users who access the SaaS-based system have a more visual, responsive, and fluid experience.

More assessment options 

When creating activities for reps to complete, sales leaders now have more ways to rate the video responses – including a customizable two-to-10-star scale, pass/fail or no-ratings options – and can also evaluate reps on a wider range of skills.

The enhanced array of evaluation options supports more granular assessments, allows for differentiated and more nuanced feedback, and enables a more flexible review environment.

New Sales Readiness Enhancements for Better, Unified Content on Products

In addition to these new coaching capabilities, Brainshark also unveiled additional sales readiness enhancements within its platform. These include advanced screen recording capabilities, so content authors can easily turn their product demonstrations, document narrations and more into trackable Brainshark learning videos.

Currently, Brainshark sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching, and content authoring capabilities to achieve sales mastery and outsell the competition.

With Brainshark, companies can: prepare sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed; validate readiness with sales coaching that ensures reps master your message; and empower sales organizations with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly and accessed anywhere.

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