Channel and Sales Enablement Software Provider Mindmatrix Introduces Opportunity Recommendation Features

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Salespeople and Partners Will Now Receive Custom Recommendations for Their Opportunities When They Log into the System

Leading sales and channel enablement software provider, Mindmatrix, has introduced a new feature, opportunity recommendation, which allows organizations to add immense value to their sales users. The feature allows super administrators to add recommendations or suggestions related to opportunities for the sales users to follow.

Opportunity recommendation enables companies to make their salespeople and channel partners more effective at winning/closing opportunities by allowing them to create custom recommendations and insights related to opportunities based on multiple factors such as:

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Historical Opportunity Data, where companies can offer recommendations based on information derived by comparing a new opportunity with other, older opportunities of the same type. For example, opportunities in the healthcare sector have a 80% chance of closure, or email X sent at Stage 2 to opportunities in the healthcare sector will have a positive impact

Personal Historical Data, where recommendations can be added based on user-specific information tied to similar opportunities. For example, salesperson Y has a 30% chance of closing an opportunity in the healthcare sector.

Associated Contacts Data, which allows companies to add recommendations based on information related to the contacts that are a part of the opportunity. For example, if a particular opportunity has contacts with only mid-management credentials in their title, the system may recommend that the salesperson look for someone higher up in the decision-making framework.

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The Opportunity Recommendation feature is Mindmatrix’s second enhancement to the opportunity module in less than a year. Early last year, Mindmatrix had introduced a step-based process into the opportunity registration module, which allowed for stepwise progression of leads from one stage to another, tracking the progress of the opportunity at every step and updating their position in the sales funnel. The enhancement made opportunity-based lead management better by mapping the progress of the lead from one stage to another and also by automatically recommending to channel partners/salespeople the marketing or sales assets (including spec sheets, brochures, proposals and quotations) or campaigns to be used when communicating with the prospect at each stage of the opportunity.

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