Highspot and Outreach Partner to Engage Buyers with Content at Scale

Highspot, powering modern businesses with the industry’s highest-rated sales enablement platform,  announced a new integration with the Outreach sales engagement platform. With this new integration, sellers can leverage Highspot’s AI-driven platform to bring relevant sales assets and content to Outreach’s best-in-class customer engagement and communication engine.

“Our integration with Outreach enables sellers to take their engagement strategy to the next level,” said Jon White, Vice President of Product at Highspot. “Now not only can reps continue using the platforms they love in one place, but they can deliver at scale the personalized conversations that modern buyers expect.”

Highspot and Outreach PartnerThe integration allows Outreach users to insert any content managed in Highspot—including decks, datasheets, case studies, videos and more—directly into emails, sequences, templates and snippets without needing to download locally. When choosing content to include, reps can leverage Highspot’s AI-powered recommendations for content, allowing them to maximize the impact of every buyer interaction. Sales teams can also ensure smart engagement tactics with Highspot’s end-to-end analytics that shows how each unique prospect is interacting with the content.

“We expect that the integration between Highspot and Outreach will be a powerful tool for our sales team,” said Sean Goldie, Director of Field Sales Enablement at Apptio. “From boosting productivity to reaching buyers with the right content at the right time, we are always striving for efficiency and excellence when engaging our buyer. This new partnership supports that strategy perfectly.”

With more than 50 certified integrations, Highspot naturally fits into sellers’ day-to-day workflows through seamless connectivity into sales and marketing apps, devices, platforms and other technologies that organizations already have in place. By providing sales reps with the ability to organize, find, and analyze assets, Highspot helps teams modernize and drive results.

“As our customers push to increase seller productivity, we are committed to equipping them with the solutions needed to close more deals,” said Jordan Greene, Director of Product Marketing at Outreach. “When sellers have to hunt for documents and guess where buyers are in the purchase process, the entire selling experience becomes inefficient. With Highspot and Outreach, our customers can address these challenges and provide an optimal experience for both buyers and sellers.”

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