Outreach Unveils Outreach Insights – Buyer Sentiment Analysis Product

Outreach, the number one sales engagement platform, announced a brand new product, Outreach Insights, featuring Buyer Sentiment Analysis —  introducing a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence capability that captures buyer emotions and signals to more accurately measure sales engagement versus activity metrics like reply, click, and open rates.

“For too long, the sales industry has been stuck relying solely on insufficient activity-based metrics, like reply rates, to measure engagement because it’s all we had. As most sellers know, buyers buy on emotion and justify with facts. Now, we have made an important breakthrough with the ability to detect and classify emotive buyer signals to help sellers more successfully engage customers,” said Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach. “Over the past three years, we’ve been doubling down on the hard work and investments required to enable our world-class team of data scientists to train our machine learning models to detect and classify buyer sentiment based on billions of sales engagement transactions, enabling transformative new value for our customers.”

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Outreach Insights uses Buyer Sentiment Analysis to help sales leaders and their teams optimize Sequence and content performance in real-time based on emotive buyer signals. It also provides in-the-moment diagnostic and coaching tools so reps can be coached and brought back on pace to accelerate revenue goals. Reports can drill into how prospects were Sequenced, prospect meeting conversion rates, touches per prospect, and response times.

“Our research, based on a study with hundreds of private beta customers, found that by using only the reply rate to measure performance, 40% of sales leaders will mistake a lower-performing Sequence for a higher one. Without sentiment analysis capabilities, even the most seasoned sales leaders were surprised to learn they were wrong nearly half the time. Imagine being able to always pick the content that has the best chance to close a deal. Now, it’s a reality. We enable outcomes over output,” added Medina.

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Outreach Insights, featuring Buyer Sentiment Analysis, will be available in public beta to all Outreach customers at the beginning of 2021 and generally available later in 2021.

Outreach also unveiled a host of additional capabilities that are relevant for roles across the revenue organization. New features include Deal Acceleration tools that enable sales leaders to easily see a team’s or individual rep’s pipeline, top accounts, and engaged prospects, as well as which deals are moving or are at-risk. This information makes it easy for sales leaders to see how a deal is being worked and provide reps with guidance and in-the-moment coaching. The company also launched a new, industry-leading certification program for administrators and enterprise-grade admin tools that have delivered time savings of up to 20 hours per month for some of Outreach’s largest customers.

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