Social Proof Platform, Fomo Launches Enterprise Light Offering

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Service Announces Pay-as-You-Go Package for Larger Online Sellers

Fomo is proud to launch Enterprise Light, an expanded but custom offering of their core SMB product for medium and large enterprises. Some of the Enterprise Light features include A/B testing, objective tracking, machine learning based conversion optimization and dedicated technical support.

In discussing the new plan with pilot clients, Fomo founder Ryan Kulp said, “We’re eager to amplify trust rates for larger online retailers who historically struggle with low conversion rates and consumer attention spans. I think Enterprise Light is a great solution for clients who need advanced features but are also equipped for self-service management. Trust and credibility are the cornerstones of online shopping, and we look forward to leveraging these pillars to improve conversion rates for larger brands.”

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The company’s move to Enterprise Light is based on the success metrics of its larger core customers:

  • Using machine learning, Fomo Insights demonstrates conversion lift (5-30% CTR)
  • Increased average cart size when split-tested against non-Fomo shopping experiences
  • Monthly ROI of 2x-50x after 90 days using Fomo

Founded in 2016, Fomo is a marketing platform that drives traffic and conversions to online sellers’ websites. Fomo achieves this sales lift via its Social Proof API, a patent-pending technology that turns visitor behaviors into live testimonials. Routinely ranked among the top integrations for major ecommerce solutions, Fomo gives honest companies the credibility they deserve while advocating for the end consumer. Fomo is actively used on more than 10,000 websites to engage with users and increase sales.

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