Movius WhatsApp Integration Creates First True Compliant Mobile Unified Communications Solution

Movius, the leading global provider of mobile unified communication software, is now enabling enterprises to securely and compliantly communicate with clients on their preferred mobile messaging channel. The company announced the integration of WhatsApp support from within Movius MultiLine, their secure mobile communication service that can be deployed over any smartphone device on any global carrier. The integration will help unify and capture all business voice and messaging channels through a single integrated user experience while enabling firms to effortlessly meet regulatory and surveillance needs.

An open Beta for this integration is available now and general availability is expected in the fourth quarter, 2020. As users continue to work remotely, they will find the expanded enterprise service provides unmatched productivity anywhere – and compliance everywhere – especially as companies accelerate their emerging Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies and implementations.

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WhatsApp users will experience a single, global solution that auto-archives in accordance with regulation and surveillance protocols – improving customer engagement for users, while simultaneously putting to rest any compliance gap concerns for the enterprise. This expansion of the MultiLine service, which integrates messaging, voice, and compliance into enterprise workflows, lets Movius users leverage existing communications preferences and increase productivity – no matter where they are.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, customers are quickly adapting to new mobile channels and expect the solutions that support them to do the same. With the rising popularity of services like WhatsApp – with two billion users worldwide – firms run the risk of unsanctioned use from their employees as they interact with clients. Or, by sanctioning a “no WhatsApp policy,” they risk alienating customers that prefer WhatsApp as their way to connect. Not only can data become unsafe when WhatsApp is used on personal devices, but the encryption makes it difficult to monitor and supervise activity, a necessary record-keeping oversight for regulated industries.

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“We see this as an opportunity for enterprises to effectively leverage the business side of WhatsApp, endeavoring to bring that form of communication in the realm of compliance, supervision and client affinity, rather than banning and restricting the use of a popular way to connect,” said Movius Chief Product and Technology Officer, Amit Modi. “This is how enterprises are communicating and what their clients are demanding, and we stand by our mission to provide enterprises with compliant, reliable mobile communications that enable employees to communicate with clients whether they are sitting desk-side or working remotely.”

With this integration, customers can engage with voice, text, and WhatsApp all through a single interface, while allowing firms to have complete ownership and visibility into business conversations. Bringing these forms of communication into one place also allows for complete separation of business and personal correspondence among BYOD users, allowing firms to ensure their business data is protected and employees’ personal data remains private and untouched.

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