Xactly Announces New Agile Sales Performance Management Offering

Xactly, the leading innovator of cloud-based Sales Performance Management (SPM) software, announced a new offering called Operational Sales Management (OSM). Advancing Xactly’s expanded industry mission, OSM unifies enterprise sales organizations with agility, by delivering pathways to revenue that connect data, increase ROI, and drive growth. By unlocking agility in sales, Xactly is powering digital transformation for its customers. With these new streamlined processes, customers are able to quickly change and take new approaches to quotas, territories, roles, and targets with their sales organizations based on shifting market dynamics.

If anything is certain over these past months, it is that change is inevitable and that in order to adapt to change, organizations must be agile. According to a new study from Dell Technologies, 89 percent of organizations say the pandemic has shown a need for more agile and scalable IT. Digital transformation is now an imperative, yet 94 percent of businesses say they’re facing barriers to achieving that transformation.

In times of adversity, while managing the velocity of change, David Lowe, Director of Global Sales Operations at Flowserve, and his team were able to increase operational agility when they needed to most. Using Xactly’s OSM offering, Lowe unlocked a level of speed and flexibility that was previously unfathomable for the 230-year-old company.

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“The pace of change was ever-present prior to COVID-19, yet as a result of the pandemic, the modifications we needed to make increased by nearly 100 percent. To keep up with the accelerated velocity of disruption, we had to be able to anticipate and quickly react to situations with agility,” said David Lowe, Global Director of Sales Operations, at Flowserve. “Transformation happens when you can respond to any kind of change, and adapt by using data to determine which strategic levers to pull. This can only happen when you combine SPM and digital transformation — it’s a game-changer to achieve real revenue results.”

Having access to intuitive, real-time solutions allowed Lowe’s teams to rise to the occasion and prove that the organization as a whole could count on them to take control and navigate through uncertainty with confidence.

With OSM, Xactly’s end-to-end approach to SPM breaks down barriers and paves the pathways to digital transformation. Designed to address the five essential components of planning, managing, incenting, analyzing, and forecasting, Xactly’s tightly-integrated offerings allow organizations to continuously track performance and make data-driven decisions — fueling success not only across the full sales cycle but the entire revenue cycle as well.

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Through an analytics-based approach to managing quotas and territories, OSM provides sales leaders access to a single source of truth that seamlessly integrates with their existing sales technology investments. It automates the management of the day-to-day change that inevitably occurs within sales organizations by focusing on four key areas: people, territory, credit, and quota management. This holistic approach expands on traditional Territory and Quota Management (TQM) solutions available in the marketplace.

“Rolling out Operational Sales Management as part of our broader solutions portfolio opens the door to a brand-new way of thinking about Sales Performance Management — not as siloed activities but as a holistic business process needed by every company to accelerate both digital and sales transformation,” said Arnab Mishra, Chief Product Officer of Xactly. “In this ongoing period of market ambiguity, Xactly is committed to providing solutions that meet complex enterprise needs with an integrated ecosystem of technology that simplifies SPM, and helps companies easily and effectively adapt in order to improve revenue growth.”

With 69 percent of corporate directors urging the acceleration of enterprise digital strategies to deal with ongoing disruption, transformation is paramount. In sales, where agility has a direct impact on an organization’s revenue and growth, there is no turning back.

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