Salsify Launches New Solution to Supercharge Amazon Performance for Vendors

Salsify Command Center for Amazon Provides Insights that Actively Identify Opportunities to Drive Growth, and Suggests Actionable Tasks to Boost Market Share

Salsify, the only product experience management (PXM) platform that lets brands deliver compelling shopping experiences across every digital touchpoint, announced the launch of its Command Center for Amazon.

For first-party (1P) vendors on Amazon, driving discovery, search placement, traffic and conversions is a continuous, daily battle. These ecommerce teams need constant oversight over all the moving pieces that drive success or failure on Amazon, such as sales velocity, product content and imagery, inventory levels, prices, search results and more.

Salsify Command Center for Amazon solves this challenge by identifying the daily risks and opportunities across an entire product portfolio and defining the necessary actions sales managers can take in order to come out on top. By providing insight into what’s working and what’s not, the Command Center for Amazon empowers brands to take immediate action as opportunities or problems arise and turns the Amazon flywheel into a competitive asset, rather than a risk.

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Additionally, by being part of the same, unified product experience management platform, actions identified through Salsify Command Center for Amazon are executed quickly, accurately and reliably across functions like image optimization, product setup, product maintenance, brand accuracy, compliance reporting and more.

Features of Salsify Command Center for Amazon include:

  • Amazon dashboard: displays critical metrics, drawing on data from Amazon Retail Analytics (Amazon’s data source for 1P sellers) and the Salsify platform. This dashboard provides insight into a brand’s problems and opportunities related to selling on Amazon.
  • Report-to-workflow task assignments: allows reviewers to assign insights-driven tasks directly from within the dashboard. This helps sales leaders ensure that appropriate action is taken on identified issues and opportunities.
  • Sales velocity tracking: shows sales results on Amazon. Ecommerce and Amazon team leaders can assess their sales velocity and know whether they’re tracking towards their Amazon goals and objectives.
  • Inventory threshold alerts: applies predictive insights to inventory levels to notify users about impending inventory shortages on Amazon. This allows users to kick-off internal processes for fixing the problem, such as contacting a distribution facility to address the issue.
  • Content health recommendations: presents product content grades for all products sold on Amazon, with recommendations for how to improve each grade across dimensions such as title and description length, number of feature bullets, A+ content, sales rank, number and quality of images, ratings and reviews and more.
  • Buy Box monitoring: delivers insights into important Amazon success factors such as who’s winning the Buy Box and at what price, whether Amazon has dropped the price on their products, possible MAP violations by 3P sellers, and more.

“Salsify Command Center for Amazon is the place any Amazon power user should start their day to understand the overall health of their business on Amazon, identify any issues that need to be addressed, and drive actions to improve performance for every product page they manage,” said Jason Purcell, CEO of Salsify.

Jason added, “By providing information and insights and letting brands take action, all in the same user interface, Salsify Command Center for Amazon gives users more time to manage the business and focus on strategizing and selling, with less time wasted simply collecting information from disparate sources.”

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