How Online Social Behavior Correlates With Product Purchase and Consumption

Cubeyou CEO to Present Research Findings Of How Consumer Online Social Behavior Correlates With Product Purchase and Consumption at the IIeX North America 2018 Conference

Cubeyou, a market research and data analytics firm, announced that CEO and Founder Federico Treu will present a research paper titled, “Social Fans Versus Buyers. What Gives?” at the IIeX North America Conference 2018 in Atlanta on 12 June 2018. Currently, Cubeyou is recognized as a leading AI-powered consumer intelligence platform that helps brands, marketing agencies, and media companies make better decisions with accurate, timely insights.

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Leveraging Cubeyou’s big data analytics that measures consumer online behavior and combines it with offline consumption data, the research presentation will share key learnings about how consumers’ interests in brands expressed through social media engagement translate into real-world product purchases.

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Cubeyou’s AI algorithms fuse together more than 150 million daily consumer social media interactions with consumption data from leading syndicated studies, GfK MRI, and Simmons Research. The results are calibrated against the latest US Census studies to paint the most accurate picture of American consumers.

“Despite marketers’ enormous efforts spent on engaging with consumers on social media, there has been very little data about how this translates into real-world product purchase and consumption,” said Federico Treu.

Federico added, “We are excited to address this important topic and unpack the learnings using Cubeyou’s unique dataset and machine learning algorithms.”

Cubeyou fuses together the best consumer data sources available in one place to paint the most accurate picture of the American consumer. Cubeyou’s AI engine uncovers hidden insights about consumers and benchmarks their affinities with products, services, media, and influencers.

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