Seventh Sense Launches New Partnership Program

The Firm Also Announces Participation in Hubspot’s Apps for Agency Services Program

Seventh Sense, the leading sales and marketing software system, has announced its participation in HubSpot’s Apps for Agency Services Program. The program is designed to bring together partner communities so they can expand service offerings. Seventh Sense will be enhancing their email marketing strategies by offering Seventh Sense subscriptions to HubSpot agencies. Seventh Sense has also decided to debut the Agency Partner Directory and the Agency Playbook so as to inform participating agencies which use Seventh Sense to offer it to their clients, thus optimizing marketing efforts.

The Agency Partner Directory will help highlight agencies which have completed the Seventh Sense’s certification process and have simultaneously demonstrated the expertise in showcasing Seventh Sense’s extensive capabilities to customers.  The Agency Playbook will offer new opportunities to all agency customers who want to increase their ROI.  The Agency Playbook is created out of several proven systems, processes and strategies which will help customers choose the best practices that can be applied to increase sales, avoid mishaps and overall, bring about a smarter working culture.

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Platinum and Diamond HubSpot Partners participating in HubSpot’s Apps for Agency Services Program will receive a full, free subscription to Seventh Sense for their agency. Apart from that, other benefits also include the provision of training resources to gather refined knowledge in sales processes and other potential offerings. This program allows agencies and clients to enjoy the email optimization capabilities created by Seventh Sense. Other benefits will also include email throttling, data sharing, time optimization and frequency optimization which will lead to a significant increase in conversions and sender reputation.

Elyse Flynn Meyer, CEO at Prism Global Marketing Solutions said, “By utilizing Seventh Sense, we’re able to grow and scale our business by adding additional value to our clients and their entire email marketing program with a tool that continues to sustain and increase engagement. With email still being a critical component of a company’s digital strategy, Seventh Sense allows us to deliver a new technology to make email more relevant and more data-driven than ever.”

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Gabriel Marguglio, CEO at Nextiny said, “When you combine the incredible amounts of data you get from HubSpot and an AI that can analyze it for your benefit, beautiful things happen. After testing it with a couple of accounts at the beginning of 2017 and seeing the results, we are now using Seventh Sense for all of our customers. We are not only seeing a higher opening and click-through rates but ultimately we are seeing higher conversions coming from emails and therefore more customers closed faster assisted by email efforts from marketing and sales teams.”

Seventh Sense will also support new product enhancements which will simplify an agency’s ability to support the client’s usage of Seventh Sense in multi-user and multi-account capabilities.

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