Influencer Marketing Platform, Tribe Dynamics, Launches TikTok Tracking Software

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It only takes seconds to understand how addicting Tiktok’s endless, hyper-personalized feed of short-form video content is. To ensure brands have the tools necessary to plan, execute, and measure influencer marketing programs across all social channels, Tribe Dynamics has launched in-app TikTok tracking features.

With a growing user base of 560 million monthly global users, 43% of whom are not active on Instagram, TikTok presents a major brand awareness and influencer marketing opportunity. Customers will now be able to track brand mentions on TikTok and strengthen relationships with new and existing influencers, allowing for a seamless expansion of influencer marketing programs to the new platform.

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Tribe Dynamics’ TikTok tracking features include:

The addition of thousands of TikTok influencers to Tribe Dynamics’ database of influencers to help brands know which influencers within their community have a presence on TikTok, to make more informed decisions in building and managing relationships.

Automatic TikTok content tracking which provides customers with an automatic stream of TikTok content that mentions their brand.

TikTok Earned Media Value (EMV) to measure the online engagement of content posted by influencers to TikTok. Each post in a customer’s content feed will be attributed an EMV figure, in addition to its raw engagement data.

Earned Media Value, or EMV, measures engagement with social media content about a brand that is created by an influencer. Tribe Dynamics uses proprietary technology in quantifying the value of digital earned media content, making EMV the standard for measuring social media engagement.

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“We’re continuously road-mapping ways to help our customers and are excited to see TikTok proving to be a powerful marketing tool for brands to connect with their audiences.” says Conor Begley, Tribe Dynamics Co-Founder and President. “Especially one that lends itself to creative expression amongst a younger audience. By tracking influencer content across all platforms, our clients can gain a holistic understanding of their influencer marketing programs.”

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