Klear Introduces Automated Tracking for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Klear Has Launched a New Feature for Instagram Stories That Enables Marketers to Measure the Impact of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer Marketing Technology Company, Klear, has announced the launch of a new feature which can enable marketers to automatically track content posted on Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are an expanding feature on the highly-interactive social media platform that creates video and photo sequences which disappear within 24 hours.

Klear COO Guy Avigdor commented, “This is a major enhancement for clients who run Instagram Influencer campaigns. Instagram Stories has become the dominant feature of sharing updates on Instagram. Until now, marketers weren’t able to properly measure the impact of this specific type of generated content. It’s another powerful tool on our platform that helps brands assess the impact and media value actually achieved working with influencers.”

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How Does it Work?

Klear’s automated performance measurement already tracks content across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Instagram Stories will be the latest addition to the automated campaign measurement solution. The tracking includes content generated by any active influencers of any particular campaign and it also generates real-time updates of all the content generated by compiling it into a report.

Other information includes top-line performance metrics for campaign levels and granular performance metrics on an individual-influencer level.

The tracking of Influencer-activated Instagram stories will work in the same way as any other social media tracking system does. This will include identifying hashtags and handles which the user has pre-defined within the Klear campaign setup.

The influencers must have a business-profiled account for Instagram and it must be authenticated so that marketers can easily access the analytics behind their Instagram stories. These stats will include;

  • Unique Views of each Instagram Story (aggregated by the outreach)
  • The number of messages the story has received in response, by the audience (counted overall as engagements)

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Benefits of Klear

Klear was developed to automate processes instead of manually investing efforts into the platform of influencer marketing. Klear’s launch aligned with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions which helps marketers initiate and execute campaigns within a few moments, thus optimizing overall efforts and maximizing campaign ROI. Klear also helps marketers identify with micro-influencers that have a considerable organic reach within their niche market but have still been unsuccessful in achieving celebrity status. These brands may be highly sought-after but are still extremely difficult to find manually. In addition to these features, Klear also ranks influencers on the basis of a Klear-score which is 1-100, thus engaging marketers in truly finding the best influencers fit for a particular campaign.

Klear combines machine-learning algorithms along with NLP. It covers a database which consists of 900 million global influencer profiles, 60,000 odd business categories and years of historical data to simplify and automate the process required for influencer marketing so as to serve marketers efficiently with the eye for detail and progress.

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