Outreach Unveils New Outreach Voice Suite, Launches New Features to Help Sales Teams Close More Deals

New Outreach Voice Introduces Text Messaging, Conversation Intelligence Integration, Simplified Pricing & Back-to-back Sequence Steps

Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, announced a new and vastly enhanced Outreach Voice suite, the market-leading voice suite for sales teams. The new Outreach Voice suite introduces four key features that provide a simple, reliable and powerful solution to help salespeople close more deals. This includes text messaging, four conversation intelligence integrations, a simplified pricing structure and back-to-back sequencing that allows sellers to schedule a sequence of touchpoints, one after the other, to increase connect rates.

Sales voice solutions typically focus on power dialing – automated dialing systems that prioritize a high volume of calls over quality. For the modern sales team, having a voice solution is necessary and critical. However, relying only on cold calling results in a dismal 9 percent connection rate. In order to target the other 91 percent, sales reps need a suite of tools to ensure they’re connecting in a meaningful way. Outreach is focused on providing a holistic solution that emphasizes relationship building and results.

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“We’ve learned it takes more than just a single cold call to connect with prospects and customers — we see much higher connect rates when calls are coordinated with other touch points,” said Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder of Outreach. “That’s why we’re taking a more holistic approach with our voice suite by incorporating more capabilities that help you connect with your customer in a meaningful way.”

The new Outreach Voice suite introduces:

  • Text messaging. With nine out of 10 buyers preferring texts over emails and phone calls, Outreach Voice now provides text messaging capabilities, resulting in stronger relationships and higher response rates.
  • Conversation intelligence integrations. Outreach will now provide seamless integration with conversation intelligence solutions, including Chorus, Gong, ExecVision and Avoma. These services provide salespeople with meaningful insights to make their next call a win.

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  • Simplified pricing structure. There will now be simplified pricing for voice usage, providing customers with predictable and transparent billing with no hidden terms or conditions.
  • Back-to-back sequence steps. Users will now be able to structure sequences to immediately follow up a call with another touchpoint, like email or a text, to increase connect rates.

Almost all of the new Outreach Voice suite features are available starting today – including texting, back-to-back sequencing and the Chorus integration, with other partnerships available later this year.

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