Home ASAP Projects Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate Will Dominate the Marketing Landscape in 2020, Lowering Lead Costs by Up to 54%

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Home ASAP LLC, a company known for providing cost-effective, Facebook-centric marketing services to agents, projects that Dynamic Ads for Real Estate will dominate the real estate marketing landscape in 2020, citing the ad type’s success versus its predecessors and increased adoption by agents and brokers.

Home ASAP’s premier agent marketing solution, TurnKey Suite, has launched over 100,000 agent ad campaigns since 2016 and saw Dynamic Ads outperforming single Listing Lead Ads by up to 54% in the second half of 2019. According to the company, ad costs have dropped from $3.54 per lead to $1.60 per lead utilizing the Dynamic Ad format.  In some instances, ad costs were 75% lower than comparable single Listing Lead campaigns.

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Facebook released Dynamic Ads for Real Estate in 2017, after successful deployment for retailers. Whereas Retail Dynamic Ads are used for clothing, jewelry, and other merchandise, home listings take center stage in Real Estate Dynamic Ads. Up to 20 listings from an agent or broker’s inventory are displayed in a carousel ad format that consumers can browse, inviting a more engaging user experience than single listing ads. Properties most relevant to the user are automatically shown first, lending to dramatically improved performance. When a property is clicked, users submit their contact information to learn more, and the lead is sent instantly to the agent.

A listing “catalog” is populated in Facebook’s Ads Manager platform through manual uploading or connecting via Facebook’s marketing API to a broker’s listing database. Using the API allows new and sold listings to be added or removed from the catalog automatically. Home ASAP leverages its Facebook marketing integration to deliver accurate data for these ads.

Allysa Warren, Director of TurnKey Suite Marketing Services, recommends that agents interested in running Dynamic Real Estate Ads hire a company with deep advertising expertise and listing data integration with Facebook. She cautions that mastering Facebook’s Ads Manager can take extensive time, and manually entering the listing data is highly prone to human error. “Few agents have the necessary experience or access to this technology,” Warren recommends. “They should team up with experts in the field to get fast, optimal results.”

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Warren also believes agents should choose a company that has long focused on Facebook marketing for agents. “Home ASAP is among the very first to adopt this new ad format when launched by Facebook. We’ve continually tested and fined-tuned these ads over the years to yield the best possible performance at an affordable cost, while maintaining lead quality.”

“We believe in the incredible power of these ads to transform the ever-more expensive real estate marketing landscape into one where agents can compete effectively to win clients and deals,” Warren affirms. “Dynamic ads level the playing field and allow agents to leverage their listings and generate buyer leads.”

Originally only suitable for websites generating a high volume of consumer traffic, the solution now works just as effectively for lower traffic sites. Warren states Dynamic Ads are therefore perfect for both individual agents with a few listings, as well as large brokerages. “You’ve got an ad type that increases engagement 20-fold and keeps bringing leads into your funnel. It’s the most affordable advertising solution we’ve seen yet, on- or off-Facebook. We believe it will become the favorite of agents and brokers in 2020.”

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