Small Unites Launches Social Media Campaign Inspiring Americans to Shop at and Promote Small Businesses this Holiday Season

The coronavirus affected different types of businesses in different ways. The whole economy alongside industries felt a disruption in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus. Large businesses and small, local businesses were affected by the pandemic just like normal people. As a result, perceiving the need to support the local and small businesses, Small Unites, a national advocacy program was formed to bring communities and customers together to support our local and small businesses. And now, the program is back with a holiday cheer for these businesses.

Small Unites has launched a social media campaign inspiring Americans to safely shop at and promote small businesses this holiday season. Celebrating the best of services offered by the local small business, including gifts, food, and service, America’s Best will showcase many establishments holiday traditions such as shopping for loved ones, sharing your best finds on social media, and engaging with friends and family. The campaign will make it easy to participate and help out small businesses.

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“Our research shows that many small business owners are confident that their businesses will return to pre-pandemic revenues,” said Jenn Garbach, Head of Business Brand and Marketing at Capital One, a primary partner within the Small Unites coalition. “But for many, this means having a strong holiday season, which is why it’s critical to rally around local businesses in our communities. One way folks can do that is by safely shopping directly at small businesses over the holidays, or by donating to help make sure business owners have the resources they need to navigate the road ahead.”

Small Unites will offer a different holiday theme each week of the holiday campaign. It will also challenge consumers to share the best that their favorite small businesses have to offer. The advocacy program believes that by showcasing unique holiday gifts, it is an easy way for everyone to celebrate the small businesses and find new favorites.

The holiday cheer will inspire Americans to:

  • Shop for holiday gifts at your favorite small businesses. Small Unites will offer weekly themes, including Pets, Toys, and Desserts.
  • Take a picture & tag. Create a post and tag with @smallunites, tag the small business you are highlighting and use #smallunites.
  • Share on social media. Challenge others to share their favorites.

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Incepted in August, Small Unites was formed with the intention of supporting the small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic or those with limited participation. A coalition of industry brands including Capital One Business, GoFundMe, HundredX, the National Urban League, and Ogilvy came together to bring life to Small Unites. Since its origin, the program has brought customers together, both small and large to not only support establishments financially but also through marketing advice and business counsel to deepen a sense of optimism and community.

“While many small businesses across the country have pivoted their strategy to remain in business, many still need our support, especially this holiday season,” said Jenn Garbach. “Small Unites was launched on the premise that everyone can do one small thing to make an impact. Knowing many Americans are facing continued uncertainty, this campaign offers an opportunity to do just that and can help keep our favorite businesses’ doors open and our communities vibrant this holiday season.”

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