Conversocial Reveals Success Metrics on Messenger as a Customer Service Channel

Messenger Proves 83% More Cost Effective for Volaris Over Other Customer Service Channels

Conversocial, the leading digital care platform for social messaging, announced findings from its first customer case study on Facebook Messenger customer chat, demonstrating just how valuable Messenger can be as a customer service channel.

In November 2017, Conversocial became one of the first platform providers to participate in the closed beta launch of Messenger Platform’s customer chat, a new capability that enables customers to message with businesses across both web and Messenger. This combined Conversocial’s customer care platform offerings with the power of the world’s fastest-growing social messaging platform.

Over the past six months, the effectiveness of Messenger customer chat as a customer service solution was put to the test through by Conversocial customer Volaris Airlines, with incredible results. As the second largest airline in Mexico, customer inquiry volume is high. Shortly after the digitally-savvy airline began promoting messaging as a customer service option, Messenger quickly emerged as the preferred method for customers to contact the brand, with over 48% of customer care interactions being conducted on Facebook messenger alone.

With Messenger accounting for nearly 59% of Volaris’ total messaging volume, the airline’s case study reveals the numerous efficiency and experiential gains of social messaging as a customer care channel:

  • Average Handling Time has been reduced by 29%, as agents are able to handle up-to 5 conversations simultaneously on Messenger customer chat compared to vs. 2 conversations via live chat and 1 via phone
  • Agent Response Time has been reduced by 43% and First Response Time has been reduced by 78%
  • Most impressively, cost per interaction via Social Messaging is $1.56 MXM, an efficiency of 83% over other channels

“Messaging as a customer service channel is no longer the future, it’s a must-have,” says Andreas Waldmann, Digital and Marketing Director, Volaris. “Through Conversocial, we have been able to invest in Messenger as one of our main customer service channels, enabling Volaris to not only improve response-times but significantly reduce costs–keeping true to ourselves and our ultra-low-cost business model. Being able to listen and interact with our customers in ways our customers prefer, and in real-time when necessary, has significantly impacted our bottom line.”

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Messenger has allowed Volaris to harness the asynchronous nature of social messaging, breaking free of the lack of concurrency of traditional “webchat”– as a result, the brand has reduced cost per resolution and reduced response times while increasing response rate and customer satisfaction overall. Moreover, the brand has been quick to recognize how complementary messaging is to automation and AI, with 85% of conversations handled via a BOT without needed intervention by a human agent. This helps keep agents focused on the more complicated conversations where their involvement has the most positive impact on the customer experience.

“We’re excited to see businesses empower their customers to communicate over Messenger. Solutions like Conversocial are creating richer customer experiences which drive positive business results,” said Andrew Kritzer, Product Manager on Messenger. “With customer chat, people can message on a business’s website and seamlessly continue the conversation in Messenger. Businesses can follow-up with or re-engage their customers using the same conversation. Customer engagement is quickly changing from session-based support to building authentic customer relationships.”

As compelling as these results are, Conversocial CEO, Joshua March, isn’t surprised. “Forward-thinking brands like Volaris are rapidly embracing and promoting Messenger for customer care; it’s where customers are, and it’s quickly become their preferred channel for brand inquiries. Our customers have seen quick growth and huge success with Messenger during the last 6 months, as it has made the customer service journey significantly easier to use than any other channel, while also being highly efficient and easier to automate for brands like Volaris–making it easier to scale and focus live agents on the right customer conversations.”

These success metrics come just six months after Conversocial announced that its customers were among the first to gain early access to the closed beta of Messenger customer chat. This announcement coincides with Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, the premier conference for developers and businesses leaders to come together to explore the future of technology.

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