Auto Dealers Nationwide Harness the Power of an All-In-One Omni-Social Ads Solution

Social HubAIO offers dealers the perfect 2022 strategy to generate first-party leads while reducing ad waste and eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

CLIKdata, a division of Integrated Media Partners, LLC, announced that their Omni-Social Ads platform Social HubAIO now integrates with the top social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and MSN Autos Marketplace.

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CLIKdata’s Social HubAIO (all-in-one) Adtech platform deploys behavior-based programmatic ads and allows easy management and optimization on a highly scalable level. Along with over 36 tested playbooks designed for branding, awareness, special events, inventory ads (AIA), and vehicle acquisition the platform offers an immediate solution for dealers to connect and deliver one-to-one new and used inventory ads-at-scale to low funnel in-market shoppers.

The Social HubAIO platform:

-> Generates first-party leads for dealerships.
-> Targets behavioral-based low funnel shoppers.
-> Uses a combination of 30 static and video creatives deployed across multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. TikTok, Pinterest, and
MSN Autos Marketplace.
-> Results in high engagement rates from shoppers who are ready to buy, sell or trade vehicles.
-> Deploys and is managed from the Social HubAIO platform and offers transparent reporting, KPIs, and the ability to save on ad waste.

The platforms managed done for you service is available to U.S. franchised and independent dealerships who want to increase sales and service revenue while reducing ad waste.

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