BetterThanYou, Inc. Comments on Google’s New Algorithm

Wikipedia’s No-Follow Links will get a massive bump in link value

Google’s algorithm is an ever-changing system and comes with a massive update in March this year. As announced back in September last year, Google will handle differently the no-follow attribute starting with the 1st of March 2020. Instead of ignoring them completely, Google will use them as “hints.”

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This means Google will detect and read links marked with no-follow and then decide by themselves if the link will be used as a signal or not. Especially for SEOs, this is a huge change because links from no-follow sources will be worth much more. One of the hugest changes will come to Wikipedia and other big web portals with no-follow-only links. If placed properly those links will be counted as signals from March 1, 2020, on what could end in some ups and downs in the global ranking chart.

“Since Google’s Florida update from March 2019, the global rankings are in a constant up and down. Marketing experts and website owners need to understand why this happens and how to confront those challenges. That’s why we decided to launch our first ever Google Masterclass for customers,” said Peter McDouglas, Marketing Expert at BetterThanYou.

Website owners may now ask: “But what if the site the link goes to is toxic? Will my site now get penalties for that?” The short answer is: “No,” Peter explains, “Google will only decide if the receiving end is getting a positive or neutral link signal. Everything else stays the same. Nevertheless, this will bring one big additional change webmasters will have to deal with, if they don’t want to send SEO signals – marking sponsored articles and backlinks.”

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Google introduces the attribute rel=”sponsored” for guest posts or advertorials that are a pure advertisement and should not send any link juice with them. You can also use rel=”ugc” for user-generated content such as forum posts and blog comments. While they can’t guarantee 100% that those links won’t be considered “good” and therefore be counted as positive signals, you can give Google hints on how to deal with certain links primarily.

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