BlockDrive Offers a Free Trial of Its Data Quality Intelligence Platform

An industry leader in data quality is giving exclusive access to its platform at no cost.

Representatives with BlockDrive announced today that it is now offering a free trial of its data quality intelligence platform.

“Quality data is the lifeblood of any successful operation today; the organization with the most accurate data wins,” said BlockDrive CEO Harry Curtin.

Curtin explained that individuals can start a 14-day free trial today, which includes $450 worth of free usage. No payment is required upon signup. Those who sign up for the free trial will have instant access to the BlockDrive data quality intelligence platform and can set up cloud integration so data can be automatically transferred from their Azure storage, AWS S3, or Google storage.

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As to why individuals and organizations should take advantage of the 14-day free trial, data is one of any company’s most important resources. In fact, studies show that businesses lose up to 20 percent of revenue due to poor data quality practices.

“We built BlockDrive so you can make your data work for you to answer your toughest questions without needing an expert understanding of programming languages or technical specs,” Curtin said before adding, “Every industry produces and relies on data, but not many tools make it easier to see data quality issues. Businesses are drowning in data and taking years to integrate and standardize it. Their data is driving their business strategy instead of their business objectives driving their data strategy. That’s where we come in.”

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Regarding the company’s industry experience, Curtin noted that the US administration aims to eliminate fraud and improper payments costing the economy an estimated 100 billion dollars annually. BlockDrive is partnering with leading ID recognition/Facial Recognition and Equifax to deliver to America’s top Institutions an end-to-end solution to solve this issue.

BlockDrive’s data quality intelligence platform is ideal for a variety of industries, including:

• Legal Services
• Government
• Supply Chain
• Food
• Retail
• Energy
• Healthcare
• Insurance
• Travel & Hospitality
• Real Estate
• Charity
• Luxury Goods
• Finance
• Manufacturing
• Automakers
• Clothing Manufacturers
• Education

“Don’t leave your data quality to chance,” said Curtin. “We encourage you to start your free trial today.”

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