Eyekandy Launches Brand ‘MetaStores’ for the Metaverse

Eyekandy, one of the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) Providers for Commerce, today announced its MetaStore service for retailers and brands.

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“Eyekandy represents a one stop shop for retailers and brands who want to experiment in the Metaverse, without huge budgets or distraction.”

The service will enable retailers and brands to easily deploy custom stores and sales campaigns into the metaverse to promote or sell digital goods, such as NFT’s. Metaverse projects can be a major cost and distraction for a marketing world that is still figuring out what the metaverse is and how it can be of most benefit. Eyekandy represents a one-stop-shop for retailers and brands to test and learn all things metaverse, without having to get into the detail of how to do it successfully.

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Richard Clarke, Head of Metaverse & NFT’s at Eyekandy added: “Launching successfully in the Metaverse is a complex, multilayered project. It is a very new, cutting edge technology and sales and marketing channel – we are doing the learning and experimenting on behalf of our brand and retail partners, so they don’t have to. There are multiple Metaverses and multiple ways to launch. 3D asset creation, NFT’s, purchasing digital real estate, community management, content moderation, combining digital and real-world merchandise and much more, needs careful consideration, planning and execution. Brands and retailers need our support. With our heritage in 3D and AR production and syndication, this is a very organic evolution of our business.”

“Eyekandy represents a one stop shop for retailers and brands who want to experiment in the Metaverse, without huge budgets or distraction.”

The Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. Since Facebook’s announcement to rebrand to META in October, it has attracted the global attention of brands. Nike, Samsung, Ralph Lauren and many more have all launched Metaverse projects to sell digital merchandise in the last three months alone.

Founder Scott Lester commented: “Our founding vision has always been to change the way the world shops with AR. This is now evolving to actually changing the world we shop in. Eyekandy has invested in digital real estate across the metaverse and our ‘metastore.x’ and ‘brandstore.x’ metaverse locations will enable our partners to engage and experiment quickly and easily with us in this new digital frontier. Brands need to be where the next generation of shoppers are – they are already in the Metaverse, shopping and buying.”

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