FloorFound Advances Reverse Logistics with Introduction of Largest Oversized Recommerce Network in North America

FloorFound Raises $4M to Turn Oversized Goods Returns into Resale Profit

New Recommerce Processing Centers, specialized warehouse teams, and flexible fulfillment provides a one-stop-shop to process and sell returned inventory nationwide

FloorFound announced it has expanded its end-to-end recommerce infrastructure with the launch of the largest oversized recommerce network in North America. Now retailers can get up and running quickly with a complete plug-and-play infrastructure that includes the people, processes, and technology required to turn oversized returns into reclaimed revenue — with little to no upfront investment, inventory risk or sales cannibalization.

“Reverse logistics for oversized items has been nearly impossible and very unprofitable for most retailers of oversized items,” said Chris Richter, founder and CEO of FloorFound. “Through the FloorFound network, retailers who sell large items can outsource returns and implement a modern business model that recoups far more revenue and meets critical ESG goals.”

A New Operational Infrastructure for Returns & Recommerce

As sustainability and resale transform retail, returns provide an essential source of recommerce inventory. Research shows that return rates are growing faster than revenue growth for almost all retailers, while consumers continue to express their desire for access to resale products. But integrating circular and sustainable practices is prohibitively difficult for oversized items that are expensive to store and transport.

FloorFound’s infrastructure and network cuts through complexity to make it fast, easy and profitable to implement a circular commerce program that attracts customers and maximizes revenue while protecting the planet. Retailers working with FloorFound gain a nationwide reverse logistics network built specifically for oversized items. Key components include:

Nationwide Recommerce Processing Centers: FloorFound operates 5 dedicated Centers with ½ million square feet of reprocessing space, making it the first of its kind in the oversized market. The Processing Centers are fully equipped to consolidate returns, receive returned or trade-in items directly from consumers, as well as bulk transfers from warehouses or other collection points. Centers are strategically located across the US to minimize transport costs, reduce carbon footprint, and speed delivery.

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Specialized Recommerce Teams: FloorFound’s full-time onsite warehouse employees are recommerce experts. Team members carefully inspect and grade every item, and repair and refurbish items as needed. Employees are trained in each retail vertical (furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, etc.) to ensure all items meet FloorFound and the brands’ high standards for quality and delivery experience.

Flexible Fulfillment: Returned and open-box items are carefully repackaged to ship out nationwide, whether still in the original box or fully assembled, ensuring that all pieces and parts are included and protected. FloorFound leverages advanced consolidation tactics to efficiently deliver oversized items with minimum cost and environmental impact. Customers will also soon have the option to pick up oversized items directly from a Processing Center or nearby warehouse.

Efficient Transportation Network: FloorFound’s nationwide transportation network includes leading carriers HubGroup and Fragile Pack, as well as Metropolitan Warehouse and Delivery that specialize in the delivery of oversized items. FloorFound clients can also use their own transportation providers.  Additionally, via a direct integration with project44, the leading supply chain visibility platform, brands can see the status of their returns in both the FloorFound platform and the project44 platform.

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