Gemini Data Inc. announced today the public launch of Gemini Explore™ which delivers intuitive data visualization and contextualization functionality in a simple and interactive interface, designed to enable business users and data scientists alike to tell more compelling stories with their data. Explore represents the next evolution of graph technology, making it easier than ever before to understand complex data relationships and derive insightful information from data, enabling organizations to accelerate their decision making process, increase analytics team efficiency as well as capture new opportunities.

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“Explore is a game changer. It allows anyone to easily transform data and intuitively interact with their data using contextual storytelling. It’s all about simplifying and making it easier to see, understand, and communicate the complex so people can learn faster and do their jobs better. This tool will help companies ‘connect the dots’ in ways they’ve never been able to do before.” – Johnny Lin, CEO at Gemini Data

Gemini Explore™ integrates seamlessly with Gemini’s existing data integration and management tools, Stream™ and Central™, to comprise an all-in-one data analysis solution. Together, the Gemini product suite solves a host of data analysis challenges including complex implementations and costly services to manage data, poor user interfaces that require extensive training, and the lack of context between data sets, leading to limited or inaccurate insights, even following extensive and time-consuming analysis

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“Traditional data analytics solutions are static and very tabular. While useful for making charts and graphs and understanding historical trends, they’re not useful for comprehending complex data associations, connections, and relationships. Other solutions in the market also require a lot of work to produce what Explore can do in minutes, only to arrive at analytical outcomes that aren’t very insightful.” – Henry Hu, CTO at Gemini Data

With the public release of Explore™, Gemini Data gives anyone the power to tell memorable, persuasive, and engaging stories with their data. The new interface is made even more accessible with the availability of self-guided Test Drives, available at, where users can interact with pre-populated data sets and use cases to better understand the product. New Test Drive use cases will also be available soon.

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